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Started by a girl who goes by the name Abby, who has a passion for creating beauty in the home and in life, the site generates close to $30,000 per month. 30% of this income emanates from selling her products which include e-books. The other 70% is from affiliate marketing which in turn gives them a percentage of the sale.

3. StartupCamp

With an earning of over $132,000 in one month, this site obtains its income from the sale of an online course (30%) wherein Dale, the founder, explains how to turn your dreams into profitable realities. Dale is usually invited to give talks which contribute (30%). He also makes some few bucks from the sale of books (15%), and most of the rest from affiliate marketing.


4. PinchOfYum

For various tips on how to make tasty delicacies, PinchOfYum.com gives you a plethora to choose from. The site receives a gross profit of $56,000 per month. 45% of monthly income is derived from advertising while the remaining 55% is obtained from sponsored content.


5. ImprovePhotography

This site teaches photography in its entirety. It earns over $70,000 in a month. By selling online photography courses, the site gets 50% of its income, 25% from affiliate marketing where the owner generates traffic to Amazon.command Amazon gives him an 8% commission. The rest of his income comes from a number of events, advertising, among others.

6. 6. Tutsplus

The site gives to tutorials to those who wish to learn to code. It is designed specifically for app developers and designers. This site earns $175,000 per month. Its primary source of income is through membership subscriptions and commissions from the sale of digital products on their platform, which is basically affiliate marketing.

7. 7. MostlyMorgan

This site generates a monthly income of $2,000. The site derives a huge sum of its income (95%) by redirecting the site visitors to the host company that the founder uses.

8. 8. HuffingtonPost

This is an American news and opinion website that makes a monthly income of $14,000,000 per month. It derives this income from sponsored adverts, digital ads across its channels and through banners.

9. 9. Engadget

This site offers advice and reviews on technology and consumer electronics. It earns a monthly income of $5,500,000. Its major source of income is from advertising.

10. 10. TimothySykes

In this Site, Timothy who started off trading penny stocks talks about matters finance. He shares useful tips on the stock market, shares and how to change your financial situation. He does not disclose his earnings but one thing is certain, he was able to turn $12,415 to $1.65 Million in 12 months. He derives his income from Google AdSense and by sharing Premium content.



45% of the sites make money with affiliate marketing.
  • 25 % make money for Advertising
  • 20% are selling their own products
  • 10% other ways – Sponsorships etc…
  • How Mu

    How Much Traffic Do You Need to Earn a Full-Time Income?

    iv> It depends on your monetization strategy. If you want to monetize your site thru Advertising(Google Adsense) you need a lot of traffic to get a decent income.If you monetize your site thru selling your own products or affiliate marketing products you need a much less traffic to make a decent money.
    A case study shows that on average you can earn around 3000 USD per month from appr. 50,000 visitors per month.

    Is It Ha

    Is It Hard It to Get Up to 50,000 Visitors Per Month?

    u start a new website, commonly it takes approximately 10 months. Offcourse you need to be dedicated to write a lot of quality content and to want to learn new things as you go.
    Here is the most common mistake why people fail to make money blogging:
    1.  They don’t know how to write articles that get traffic.A case study shows that if you want Google to rank your post-high you need to write useful articles between 1500 and 2000 words longs.
    2.  They don’t know how to monetize their blogs and they rely only on ads.

    Here are the

    Here are the best ways to monetization your site:

    your own info products(courses, ebooks etc..)
  • Seling affiliate products, both physical(Amazon Associate) and digital products(Clickbank, CJ etc.)
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    How to choos

    How to choose the best and most profitable niche:

    is the list of the most profitable niches:

    1. Personal Finans.
    2. Health, Fitness, Weit Loss
    3. Pets – Only in the USA have more than 80 million pets.
    4. Dating

    Here is the list of niches to stay away from:

    1. Celebrity rumors
    2. Recipe sites

    How To Start

    How To Start a Successful Blog?

    that will take time and hard work before Google start trusting your site and send you traffic.I have just written a step by step guide on how to start blogging and make money from it “How to Become a Blogger and Make Money in 2018”. You can read it here. In this post, you will learn which niche to choose from, how to choose a domain name, how to set up your hosting and what should you focus on to be most effective.

    It is evident that you can be a successful blogger in whatever field and use any method that best suits you to generate income from your blog.

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