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With 10khits.com, you can easily change your traffic sources from default to custom, organic, anonymous or social. This enables you to make out the best use of traffic from major social media networks. The features best suit traffic resellers and webmasters. It is a versatile and interactive tool with a deft dashboard that allows you receive visitors instantly and acquire points too.


From the following video you can learn: Get more than 1000+ page views (traffic) from this website!! 


4. Trafficbot

If you need a large amount of traffic, trafficbot.uk is the tool for you. The traffic offered is of high quality and only authentic visitors are redirected to your site. After creating a project, they help you select a country from where you wish to receive traffic from. You also get an option where you can choose to receive traffic from Asia, North America, South America or Europe.

5. Traffboost

This free tool is ideal for generating traffic from different parts of the world. You get a few points for listings once you add your website here. These points are earned by those who visit your site. In addition, you get free points by visiting other sites and you will also be required to acquire more points. These help you get more visitors and also guarantees the visibility of your site.


With the above free traffic sites, it is easy to get your websites and blogs to the top of SEO’s listings. All you have to do is choose that tool that suits your business website or blog. Remember, generating more traffic not only boosts your listings on search engines but also boosts your business to the world-class level. Putting in mind that the sites mentioned above. all that is left is for you to chose the right tool for your business. All the best.
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