Best Plagiarism Checker: 10 Copyscape Alternatives that will keep you Out of Trouble

Best Plagiarism Checker_ 10 Copyscape Alternatives that will keep you Out of Trouble.

Best Plagiarism Checker: 10 Copyscape Alternatives that will keep you Out of Trouble

When Herman Melville says, “It is better to fail in originality than succeed in imitation” he must have had writing in mind. Whether academic, article or any other form of writing, expressing own ideas show creativity, innovativeness, and independence. However, knowledge does not stand-alone. Sharing is power. Acknowledgment of other people’s work and ideas is professional.

Scholars and content writers may tend to look for shortcuts in writing by copying from other sources. However, lecturers and content buyers distaste the practice. With the need to always keep on the safe side, the internet and programmers have provided special software as an online service that checks and detects plagiarism. Because content owners to detect “theft of content” from the web use Copyscape, here are 10 Copyscapealternatives that will keep you out of trouble.

Plagiarism Checker:

 Is the best Copyscape alternative. You can submit unlimited characters to check for similarity. Apart from making the process easy, its features accept any file formats. It avails all the required information regarding plagiarism status of a submitted paper.


As one of the best alternative to Copyscape, Grammarly is more advantageous as it proofreads and checks grammatical mistakes alongside similarity of the paper. It gives best features and ease of use.


Alternative to Copyscape, Plagium is unequivocally free site maintained. You can paste content required to check for similarity up to 2,500 characters.


DupliCheckerdoes it is more than plagiarism checker as it allows one to copypaste the paper into the text box, as well as allowing for uploading the paper as either docx or txt. It is also free and does not force the user to register an account.

Small SEO Tools:

This one hosts many features from different sites. With various tools on one platform, Small SEO Tools has a similarity checking tool and numerous tools such as Google Page Rank Checker, Backline Checker, and The Article Rewriter among others.


Whereas other tools only detect plagiarism and where content was scraped from, CopyGator goes ahead to notify the content owner of the “theft”. It does this by monitoring owner’s RSS feed.


Dustball is the free similarity checker. It does not have bad tricks like the CopyGator. It is the best plagiarism checker with automated feedback that enhances writing work.


This tool provides advanced plagiarism check in three different ways. One is allowed unlimited copy-paste of the text into the textbox. Secondly, one can enter the URL site, and lastly, one can upload the file.


This tool has among the best features to check grammar, spelling errors and plagiarism. It also isolates all the copied data to enhance your paper quality and your site ranking.


Turnitin is a plagiarism checker popularly used in academics to prevent plagiarism and improve writing. Through its unique checking and formative feedback, it enhances the content integrity and critical thinking.

The Bottom Line:

The essentiality of all the tools discussed here will always keep you out of plagiarism trouble. As the tools seek originality, they also enhance your writing skills and instill the sense of integrity in your writing career. Above all, they keep you safe from the punitive rating.

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