Buy Bulk from Overseas and Sell It Down Via Ebay or Etsy


Buy Bulk from Overseas and Sell It Down Via Ebay or Etsy

Buying bulk from overseas and selling it down via Ebay or Etsy is such a good decision to make. It is only through buying goods in bulk that you obtain only quality products at lower prices. But, just like other things, there are logistical issues that you need to consider for you to become successful at it.

How to Do It?

  • Place Your Order and Put a Small Payment

When you will buy bulk from overseas and sell it down via Ebay or Etsy, you will have to place your order and put a small payment to be able to cover the cost of the materials. It will also depend on the nature of the items and it will also be required of you to wait for 1 to 4 months to get the products manufactured. In this regard, you need to plan ahead of time to be able to sell it down via Ebay or Etsy. Especially when it comes to linens, the lead times will usually be three months long. You must really plan ahead of time and possibly think of the demand.

  • Place Larger Orders

If you will order products from overseas, you need to really be serious in placing large orders. Never be embarrassed in asking before ordering. If ever you will only start it out, consider only a large order and then have it multiplied by ten.

  • Keep the Communication along the Lines of Email

There is a need to keep the communication along the lines of email. This will be an effective way to allow the things to get smoother and faster. Most of these bulk providers overseas can read English a lot better.

  • Prepare for the Shipment

If you already have ordered for the products, you can get them ready to be shipped via sea or via air. Before initiating the shipment, it is better asking the vendor about the documents; commercial invoice, packing list, detail sheet and bill of lading.

Where to buy it from

In buying bulk overseas, there are reliable sites such as Alibaba.com that can offer you the specific products that you need. In addition to that, there are marketplaces to find for you to buy items such as wholesale design clothing.

Especially for fashion items, you may choose to check out Jooraccess.com that is a high-end fashion website based in United States. The Uppler.com is also another place to buy fashion items in bulk based in Western Europe and USA.

For furniture items, Bonagora.com and monoqi.com are websites that are based in Europe that you may choose to visit. For handmade items, alittlemarket.com is also the best place for you to buy accessories and jewelry.

Tips and Tricks

When it comes to buying items in bulk from overseas and selling them down via Ebay or Etsy, several of these tips and tricks will help you in starting out.

  • Search for a product that is not most often found in the country but is otherwise in high demand.
  • You need to be more aware of the niche markets and the emerging trends. You also have to get rid of the misconception of first searching the popular items on eBay. When it means to say popular, it does not only stick to cell phones, digital cameras, iPods, designer handbags and a whole lot more.
  • You must have a moderately famous item. For as long as it can offer you some money, it will be enough and it will help you become successful at it. Golf and stamp collecting are among those popular that get the attention of millions of people. Buy them in bulk and sell them down via eBay or Etsy.
  • Negotiate with eBay or Etsy that you have some bulks of items ready to be sold.


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