How to Buy a Profitable Online Business? (Ultimate Guide)

How to Buy a Profitable Online Business

Buy an Existing Online Business

Starting an online business can be a lucrative opportunity for earning money. Online business is the trend today and there are many kinds of business you can start with. But of course, know that starting your own online business is not an easy feat to do.

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Why Buy Existing Online Business?

Online business means you need to have at least basic prowess on operating a computer apart from business acumen. At the same time, you need to set up a website or a social media account to where your customers will find you and your merchandise. As you can see, there are plenty of things you need to do, not to mention you need a considerable amount of money to start your own business.

There is an alternative, however, if you really want to start an online business. Instead of starting your own, you can buy an existing online business to start with. If your finances permit, buying an existing online business (or website) is truly a fast track towards online success. Do you know that about 80% of new businesses fail?

Even businesses put up by seasoned entrepreneurs sometimes don’t even make it past a year. This is because a business is a gamble and new business is a lot riskier. If you really want to make money online, you can either start from scratch or instead start an existing online business with an already proven record. Here are a few reasons why buying  an online business is a good idea:

  1. Immediate access to a new and profitable niche.
  2. Even if you’re just starting out, you feel like a “pro”. You’re immediately bringing in real income.
  3. Takes you from “if” I can make this work to “how much” can I make it work.
  4. Positions you for future/bigger deals. The process is identical — the terminology, due diligence, considerations. Practicing on less expensive purchases has less risk.
  5. Instant diversification. While diversification is important in any business,

The question is where can you find an existing business to buy?

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Ways to Find Existing Online Business for Sale

Know that finding a business to buy is going to be a real challenge. It isn’t like you can find a single place to where existing businesses to your liking are sold. The important thing is you know where and how to look. So here are different ways you can find an existing online business to buy:

  • Approach Businesses Directly

If you know what you’re looking for and already has an eye for a business you like, it could worth approaching them about buying their business. Before proceeding to buy the business, you’ll want to do some research first, prepare a business plan and a pitch and more. If after all research you still like the business, then you can proceed with buying it.

  1. BizBuySell
  2. BizQues
  • Go to Online Marketplaces

The next logical place to go to is an online business marketplace and there’s plenty out there. These are the most obvious places to start wherein you’ll find available listings of online business in your chosen industry with viable opportunities. There you can find valuable information for any potential interest and go on the process of buying an online business.

  1. Flippa
  • Get Help from Website Brokers

There are also website brokers – companies – that have experience, knowledge, and expertise in the selling of an online business. They have the tools and the network along with the due-diligence process. Additionally, web brokers specifically look for well-established, legitimate sites with a steady income – everything you are looking for. If its easy way of finding and buying an online business, enlisting the help of website brokers is an ideal choice.

  1. FE International
  2. Empireflippers.com
  3. Quietlightbrokerage.com
  4. Flippa.com/deal-flow

What type of businesses can you buy?

There are a lot of online business types, but the four preferred models that come up most for sale are:

  • Information Products
  • Affiliate
  • Adsense
  • eCommerce

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What to look for when evaluating sites?

  1. At least a full year of history to reflect seasonality.
  2. At least $400 in profit each month for the last 6 months. Less than 6 months is too unpredictable.
  3. The site should not have been sold within last one year.
  4. Consistent traffic with no unusual spikes. Be highly suspicious of huge traffic spikes. Unfortunately, some companies who decide to sell,  they pad the stats by sending all sorts of expensive PPC traffic to it. That strategy is not sustainable due to the expense.
  5. Make sure it passes all due diligence checks (see below).
  6. Have some synergy targets, ways that you can improve the business and increase the revenues.
  7. Have a great broker.

The Buying Process

  1. Find a deal that looks good. Examine the prospectus ( general information about the site). You’re not signing yet, just determining if it looks legit.
  1. Provide seller with a letter of intent. They see you’re interested, that you intend to buy this business depending on the results of your due diligence.
  1. The seller creates a Data Room. This is a package of information, usually in a virtual folder, where the seller discloses everything to you – if not – no deal. This information is crucial to your due diligence.
  2. Consider the things you bring to the table. What is the potential return on revenue, traffic and so forth? Then determine what price makes sense to you to make it a worthwhile purchase.
  3. Sign up a contract.

The Due Diligence Process

You can’t always believe what you’re told. You have to do some hands-on verification. Does the story you recreate about this online business match up with the seller’s claims?

There are three basic steps to the due diligence process:

Step 1: Understand the “story” the seller is telling you about traffic sources, conversion vehicles, inventory and affiliate products, AdSense… Get complete, total statistics and information – every single metric.

Step 2: Verify every metric with proof. Do the web host stats match traffic? Does the conversion rate make sense? Do the affiliate management company reports show the same number of units? Do the bank deposits and PayPal reports add up? Take the information the seller is providing and verify that it is true and accurate

Step 3: Build your own “story” with all the proof. Does it all really add up? Does it make sense? Ask for clarification where it doesn’t make sense. Your verification has to match up.

The bottom line

If you’re looking to buy an online business, there are a variety of different channels available to you, and one isn’t necessarily better than the other. They all have their upsides and downsides, and you have to check your overall experience with the channel you’re looking to utilize.

If the due-diligence process is new to you, and you’ve never bought a business before, then online marketplaces and auction sites may not be the best options for you. On the other hand, even if you do have a great deal of experience with the sale of online businesses, there are times when working with a broker is still the smartest thing you can do.

How to get Wikipedia backlinks? – Stop Wondering and Start Getting Them!

How to get Wikipedia backlinks_

How to get Wikipedia backlinks? – Stop wondering and start getting them!

Wikipedia is not only one of the most popular sites on the Internet, but also a reference site when you want to obtain reliable information about almost whatever. Therefore, you may ask: how to get Wikipedia backlinks? On the lines below, we’ll give you a complete step by step guide for you to get such backlinks directly to your niche.

How to get Wikipedia backlinks? – a detailed answer to follow step by step.

One of the threats every niche holder fears is the moderation team of Wiki. As everybody knows, they can accept or reject your backlink. This last situation happens when your links don’t stick to Wikipedia requirements.

So, apart from knowing the technical and formal part that answers the question: how to get Wikipedia backlinks? We’re going to give you some tips for you to be approved by its demanding and strict team. Are you ready?

Wikipedia Registration:

In order to start getting backlinks, the first step is to register an account with Wikipedia. Once you’ve done this, a lot of benefits will be at your entire disposal.
For example, you’ll have access to the cutting edge tools for editing and your reputation in Wikipedia will boost if you know how to manage your account by doing things right.
Registration is quite simple: you just have to choose a username, then create your page and follow all the other steps the page asks you when you go to this site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Why_create_an_account%3F.
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Spot the right page in Wikipedia:

Not all the pages in Wikipedia are suitable for your link, so first spend some minutes deciding on topics for which the link you’re going to choose is suitable and relevant to.
When you’ve decided on one, it’s time to search a page in Wikipedia that’s connected to such a topic. If the page you found needs editing, your chances are significantly higher.
Otherwise, if the page you chose is hugely rated, your chances decrease since the moderator will be much stricter to accept your linkback.

Be specific:

It’s almost useless to try to answer the question: how to get Wikipedia backlinks? by being too general. For example, if your article is about what to know before going to a specific holiday destination, it’s not a good idea to make your attempt to get a backlink by the Wikipedia page about holidays, instead of that, find a page in Wikipedia that is about your specific destination.
Hold a professional site: before continuing wondering how to get Wikipedia backlinks? make yourself the following questions about your website: is it professional enough?
Does it hold reliable content? Is it neat and clean? Wikipedia moderators will look at your site thoroughly and no mistake will be forgiven.


When all the previous steps have been carefully revised, you can place your link. Doing is very simple and intuitive: first, you log in to the account you’ve created.
Then the page asks you to access the specific account where you want to place your link and there you click Edit. Once here, the only thing you’ve got to do is to type something that adds valuable information to the article and cite the link you’ve chosen directly from your site.
Now the moderation team will evaluate your proposal and give you an answer that, hopefully, will be a positive one.

13 Real Ways to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom.

13 Real Ways to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

13 Real Ways for Stay at Home Moms to Make a Side Income.

Being a stay at home mom is often stressing because of a number of tasks that you have to accomplish daily with no full-time paycheck attached. For example, you have to constantly change diapers, preparing meals, wiping runny noses, dealing with temper tantrums, putting away toys and taking children to school and to practice and back home.

Away from the joys of parenting, there are a number of tasks that stay at home moms can perform and make money to help the family financially. Consequently, here are 11 real ways to make money as a stay at home mom.

Freelance writing

Crafting great and refreshing contents every day is not often an easy task as it may seem. For that reason, as a writer, you can pen high-quality articles for blogs and websites covering different niches.

You need to love writing, be creative, good at grammar and have a computer and a reliable internet connection.

There are a number of freelance writing sites such as Upwork and Craigslist where you can get freelance writing jobs. The pay tends to differ from one client to another and the specific work. For example, for a 2,000 words article, you can be paid from between $25 to $45.

Here are my favorite sites where you can start as a freelancer:

  1. Upwork – a few years ago, Elance and oDesk merged to form Upwork. According to the company, it is “the premier freelancing website for companies to hire and work with the world’s most talented independent professionals”.The platform says it has over 12 million registered freelancers and more than 5 million clients.
  2. Freelancer – The platform says that help millions of small businesses to find and use freelancers.

How much money can I earn: About $20 per 1000 word article.
How much does it cost to start up: You just need to register on Upwork or Freelancer.
How long time it takes to start making money: About a week.
The possibility of earning at least some money: Very high as long as you find a blog to write for. It depends on how skilled you are in writing and how fast you can write a good quality content.

In this video, you can learn how to start making money as a freelance writer without experience.

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Virtual Assistant

Companies are often looking to hiring virtual assistants, administrative tasks, as they are increasingly operating online. That is to save on operational costs associated with brick and mortar stores.

Some of the tasks may include reading through the email inbox and responding to customers, creating content and posting to a site and respond to or make calls.

You can list your service on a freelance site such as Upwork and when you get a job you may be able to earn from between $8 to $20 per hour.

How much money can I earn: $8 to $20 per hour
How much does it cost to start up: Just need to register on Upwork
How long time it takes to start making money: About a week
The possibility of earning at least some money: It depends on how skilled you are in the following areas:

  • Programming – WordPress,Wordpress Plugins, WordPress Themes,HTML 5,PHP,mobile APPS ,E-commerce ,Joomla and MySQL.
  • Internet Marketing – SEO, PPC account management, Social Media(especially Youtube and Pinterest), email marketing, powerpoint presentation etc..
  • Graphic Design – Web design, Print Design, Infographics, Logos, Vectors and business card design.
  • Customer Service – Data Entry, customer service rep. web research, accounting, and transcription
  • Translating – Hot languages at the moment – Chinese, Spanish, Brasilian, and Japanese.

In this video, you can learn how to become a virtual assistant:


You can be paid for photography services and that will largely depend on how good you are with the camera, your portfolio. You must be creative and have the skills to be able to come up with high quality and great looking pictures.

You can do real estate pictures for realtors, and baby photography, among other possible areas. You can then sell your photos through sites such as Shutterstock.com, Dreamstime, and iStock and earn from between 25 cents to $120 per each image downloaded.

How much money can I earn:  25 cents to $120 per each image downloaded
How much does it cost to start up: Equipment and training in photography.
How long time it takes to start making money: It depends on how skilled you are if you are beginner you need at least one month.
The possibility of earning at least some money: Extremely high

Website and Graphic Design

The importance of a website to any business at this age and time cannot be overstated here. And since designing logos and website requires technical know how, if you have the skill and the experience you can get a job.

In most of the freelance sites, you will be able to get a website or graphic design jobs. Pay will depend on the client, job type, and your skill level.

There are also other design contests you can participate in sites like 48HoursLogo and 99designs.

How much money can I earn: About $80 per logo
How much does it cost to start up: Software to make a logo.
How long time it takes to start making money: About a week
The possibility of earning at least some money: It depends on how skilled you are in graphic design

Survey sites

At the present, most of the businesses are increasingly looking for data about consumers to be able to come up with products and services better suited to their needs. For example, with information about customers, hotels are able to implement designs that cater to your needs and avoid the ones which you don’t have a preference for.

Companies are willing to pay to get that information. You can get paid completing short surveys through sites such as Swagbucks and American Consumer Opinion.

How much money can I earn: About $100 per month
How much does it cost to start up: Absolutely nothing.
How long time it takes to start making money: 15 minutes
The possibility of earning at least some money: Most of this site will give you $5 only for sign up.

In the following video you can find the top 5 survey sites:


You can write about parenting issues apart from other areas of interest that would help in attracting visitors to your site. With no followers, it won’t be possible to make money.

You can do that through a free platform such as WordPress.org. GoDaddy.com is great for providing web hosting services including a domain name for your website, database storage, email addresses among others. Of course, you will have to pay a small amount for that.

You can earn money through affiliate marketing, and display advertisements by using the free Google AdSense service.

How much money can I earn: Only the sky is the limit. You can earn a lot of money from blogging if you put the time it needs.
How much does it cost to start up: About $50 – You need a domain name $10, 1 year hosting about $40 you can use a free theme to start with and change it later if you want.
How long time it takes to start making money: At least from 2 til 3 mounts and you need to post at least 30 blog posts so Google can find you and start to rank your blog. If you have a large following on social media you can then start promoting your post to them and start to earn income earlier.
The possibility of earning at least some money: If you are consistent and don’t give up to easy you have a great chance to succeed as a blogger.

Video Overview: How to Make Money Writing a Blog – Our Story from $0 to 10k per Month!

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Tutor students

You can share your knowledge to help struggling students in a number of sites with the common ones being Tutor.com and Udemy.

Some tutor jobs may require that you spend a great amount of time like at least 5 hours a week and also be qualified to tutor.

How much money can I earn: An tutor earns on average about $20 per hour
How much does it cost to start up: Absolutely nothing.
How long time it takes to start making money: About a week
The possibility of earning at least some money: Very high

From this video you can learn how to run a tutoring session:

Watch videos

Swagbucks website is a popular one for watching videos through its Watch section and you get paid for that.

If you doubt that, be sure to take a 1-minute tour to understand how that works. When you sign up and watch your 1st video, you will be able to receive $5 bonus.

How much money can I earn: About $0,05 per video
How much does it cost to start up: Absolutely nothing.
How long time it takes to start making money: About a week
The possibility of earning at least some money: Very High


This is one thing you are definitely good at and you can advertise your babysitting services through a site such as Care and Sitter City.

How much money can I earn: You could expect to earn $5-$10 per hour per child.  5 kids would be $200 to $300 per day at those prices.
How much does it cost to start up: Absolutely nothing.
How long time it takes to start making money: You can start to make money today:)
The possibility of earning at least some money: Very high

Test websites 

Knowing the usability of a website is important to the success of a business. The only way businesses are going to know about the usability of their websites is through feedback from customers.

There are a number of sites you can use to test websites and provide feedback to companies and they include User Testing, TestingTime, Userlyticsand WhatUsersDo.

How much money can I earn: About $10 per day and $200 per month.
How much does it cost to start up: Absolutely nothing.
How long time it takes to start making money: About a week
The possibility of earning at least some money: Very High

Write a Non-Fiction eBook

Writing eBooks is an excellent idea for people who like to write and could do enough research and learn more about the topic if it is necessary. It is probably one of the easiest and fast ways to make money from home.

Here are my tips for publishing a Nonfiction kindle book on Amazon:

  1. Don’t write to long books, it is better to choose one topic and explained in details(If you want to sell it on Amazon the best length is between 8000 and 10000 words.
  2. Separate these 10000 words in 10 chapters of 1000 words and try to write a chapter for 2-3 days. This way you will not feel overwhelmed and after 3 or 4 weeks you will have the book ready for publishing and promoting.
  3. If you don’t have the design skills you should pay for the book cover. You can buy an awesome ebook cover from Fiverr for only 5 USD.
  4. With the most people didn’t know is that the 80% of the revenue coming from paperback kindle books. The only thing you need to do if you want to sell paperback books is to buy a paperback cover again from Fiverr for only 10 USD and you are ready to go.

To get started, just write your book of about 50,000 words in a word document.  Then head over to Smashwords.com which can help you to format your doc for putting it on the Kindle and iPad and other eBook readers.

How much money can I earn: It depends on the topic you choose and how you promote your book. You can expect on average from $100 to $300 per month per book(including paperback).
How much does it cost to start up: $10 for book cover if you want to outsource it.
How long time it takes to start making money: At least 30 to 60 days.
The possibility of earning at least some money: Very high.

Video Overview: How To Write and Publish Your Nonfiction eBook in 10 Days

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Arbitrage for Amazon FBA

This one is a really cool way to make money as a stay at home mom

Amazon.com is the world’s largest online retailer.  Put something up there and try to sell it fast!

You can go to your local store and hit the clearance section.  Buy up a shopping cart full of things and then mail it to Amazon FBA. Amazon then will sell these items for you and pays you your commission.

In this video, you can learn how to start step by step selling on Amazon FBA for beginners:

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How much money can I earn: There are people who make TONs of money ($10000 per month)using this strategy.
How much does it cost to start up: You need probably between $100 to $500 to start with.
How long time it takes to start making money: About a month
The possibility of earning at least some money: Moderately high

Sell things online

You can sell handbags, video games, sports equipment, designer clothing, collectibles and knickknacks through sites such as Etsy business, eBay or Craigslist.

How much money can I earn: It depends on how many old things you have.
How much does it cost to start up: Absolutely nothing.
How long time it takes to start making money: About a week
The possibility of earning at least some money: Very high

In conclusion, the ways to make money as a stay home mom above are not that exhaustive, there are still plenty of ways and they can be researched online. Importantly, it is important that you be on the lookout, scammers are prowling online and you can be scammed. And lastly, you must be focused, organized and have self-discipline for you to be able to work from your own comfort, at home.

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30 Amazing Ways To Earn Money From Home

30 Amazing Ways To Earn Money From Home

Do you want to earn money from home?

Creating multiple sources of income is a smart strategy especially in the face of stagnant wages, job insecurity and limited job postings. However, if for some reasons you cannot afford to leave your home, or you simply want to earn money from home, there are many legitimate ways to do just that.

Here are 30 ways to earn money from home.


  1. Freelancing

If you are passionate about writing, there are many opportunities to showcase your writing skills and earn money. Sites like Upwork, Freelancer, have various employers who can hire you to write and edit articles. Here are just a few of the most in-demand freelance positions:

  • Writing –  including blogs,articles,ebooks,print books,brochures,newsletters,special reports,package information and press releases.
  • Programming – WordPress,Wordpress Plugins, WordPress Themes,HTML 5,PHP,mobile APPS ,Ecommerce ,Joomla and MySQL.
  • Internet Marketing – SEO, PPC account management, Social Media(especially Youtube and Pinterest), website conversation optimization, sales, email marketing, powerpoint presentation etc..
  • Graphic Design – Web design, Print Design, Infographics, Logos, Vectors and business card design.
  • Customer Service – Data Entry, VA(Virtual Assistant), customer service rep. web research, accounting, and transcription
  • Translating – Hot languages at the moment – Chinese, Spanish, Brasilian, and Japanese.

Average Salary: $40 000 – $80 000

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Video Overview: How to Start Freelancing Work – let’s Talk about Upwork

  1. Babysit Kids in Your Home

You can also consider babysitting kids in your home. This is a good way to make extra money because many parents are searching for cheaper alternatives to daycare.

Average Hourly Earnings: $10 – $15/Hour

Video Overview: 7 Easy Ways to Make Money at Home (2018)

  1. Watch YouTube-Like Videos


You can watch videos on YouTube and get paid for doing so. Brands who sponsor these videos are particularly interested in advertising their products and services. Hence each time you watch one of the ads, your account will be credited by InboxDollars.

Earnings about $30

Video Overview: Inbox Dollars Review: Make Money Opening Emails with Inbox Dollars

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  1. Write Slogans for Companies


Some companies occasionally need new advertising slogans and corporate taglines. If you can describe a product or service in a short sentence, then you can make a living on platforms like Slogan Slingers, Freelancer.com and Get a Slogan.

  1. Provide Customer Service

Do you know that you can offer customer services from your home? Instead of running call centers more and more companies are looking for customer service reps who will work from their homes. Your job is to give answers to questions from customers over the phone or through online chat. This job can be full or part-time and offer different schedules including daytime, evening and weekend shifts. and the payment

Payments depend on position and location.

Video Overview: 9 Side Jobs to Make Extra Money From Home in 2017

  1. Work as a Virtual Bookkeeper

All you need to be successful in this business is a moderate computer skill and a flair for helping business owners find a solution to their challenges. It’s a great opportunity to make some real cash while working at home.


  1. Rate Your Local Pizza Company

From time to time, pizza companies conduct mystery shops. You can make money by rating the quality of their pizza as well as timing their delivery service.

  1. Scanning Your Groceries Weekly

When you sign up to join the Nielsen Consumer Panel family, you will be paid by Nielsen company for scanning the barcodes on your groceries weekly. Quite easy, right?

  1. Become a Pet Massage Therapist

You can earn money by becoming an animal masseuse. Yes, you can! Animals like cats and dogs love massages as much as humans do. If you enjoy putting these furry creatures, then you excel in this business.

  1. Test Websites


Some website is simply mind-blowing, and others are rather confusing. You can get paid for giving your opinions about the features of a site to the owners of the sites. User Testing is one of those companies that allow you to make your comments.

In fact, you can make $30 /Hour as a website tester.

Video Overview: Earn $30/hr testing websites [UserTesting Review]

  1. Sell your Video Games, Blu-rays, CDs, and DVDs


Simply download the Decluttr to sell old Blu-Rays, DVDs, CDs and video games. Other electronic gadgets like tablets, iPods, game consoles and even cell phones can be sold. Decluttr is free and easy to use. Plus, payment is quick, and there are no seller fees.


  1. Sell Your Old Clothes


Ever wondered what you could do with your old clothes? Well, you can make money selling them on Apps like Poshmark instead of piling them up in your closet.

  1. Report Your Amazon Purchases


This is another super cool way to earn extra cash from home. If you buy items from Amazon frequently, all you need to do is download Shoptracker and connect it to your Amazon account. You will be paid monthly by the company as long as you keep it installed.

  1. Start Saving

The click smartphone app allows you to save for the future by deducting little money from your checking account daily. You are entitled to a bonus fee when you download the app and open your account with the same email address.

  1. Become an Online Tutor

Sites like Tutor.com can pay you for sharing your knowledge. You can provide answers to questions, and upload tutorials from your home.

Average Hourly Earnings: $15 – $30/Hour

Download Apps

Some companies ohmConnect, Digital Reflection Panel and AchieveMint, will pay you for downloading and installing apps on your smartphone. Data collected by the apps allow companies to have a better understanding of the web and mobile usage.

  1. Sell Your Smartphone Photos


If you are a smartphone owner, you can take quality pictures and upload it on platforms like Foap. All you are required to do is download the no-cost app and sign up for an account. Next, take a quality picture and upload it to Foap’s marketplace. If someone buys the license to your photo for $10 you make $5.

If your photo sells 10 times, you make $5 each time and end up with $50 in your pocket. Pretty cool, right?

  1. Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

Some dog/cat owners need someone to take their dogs for a walk or pet sit when they are away on vacation or business. You can offer to provide your services.

  1. Rent Out Your Car To Get Extra Money


You can rent out your car on platforms like Turo.com and get rewarded in cash. This can be a profitable venture especially if you reside in a big city.

  1. Rent Out Your Apartment


You let someone borrow your apartment for the night using Airbnb. While putting your home to good use, this is another fantastic way to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

  1. Online Surveys

    Survey companies like Ipsos Panel and Mypoints are interested in obtaining market data. You will pay for supplying relevant information.

  1. Blogging

Blogging requires a lot of commitment and patience, but it can work. You make a full time living through blogging. Your blog can be just about anything that will interest your audience.You can make decent cash flow with some luck and a few months of publishing solid and consistent materials.

Top Earnings Blogs:

Huffington Post – $2,330,000 Monthly Earnings

Mashable – $560 000 Monthly Earnings

Perez Hilton – $450 000 Monthly Earnings

  1. Suggest Names For Small Companies

Small businesses often do not have the means to hire professional branders. Hence these nameless companies source for names by naming contests on platforms like SquadHelp.com and NamingForce.com.

  1. Set up a Second Bank Account

Some banks actually pay you for opening a bank account. You need not be worried about operating multiple bank accounts. Besides the fact that you will be paid, you also have more than one place to save your money.

  1. Sell Your Trash

Another easy way of making money is by selling your trash. Old magazines and empty wine bottles are a few examples of things in your trash that can be sold online.

26.Earn money online with Affiliate Marketing

Who says that you need your own product to make money online? Top affiliate marketers like Pat Flynn and John Chow make enviable 6-figure incomes by recommending other people’s products.

The great about Affiliate Marketing is that you can make money fairly quickly.

Where to start? Here are the best and largest affiliate marketing networks:

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27.Sell-Arts, Crafts And Other Handmade stuff.

People are sick and tired of buying the same mass produced crap that everyone else has. And they are willing to pay big bucks for something håndmade and unique. If you want to sell crafts or handmade jewelry there are a few amazing online marketplaces to help you to do that.

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28.Earn Extra Money With Creating Your Own Information Product

A trend that has seen massive growth in the past few years is that of information products. Information products are basically any constructed item containing information that customers may find valuable in one way or another.

The most common type of information product is the electronic book or e-book. When you put your thoughts down on digital paper and package it as a saleable product, then you already have an information product.

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29. Sell Stock Photos

With the advent of more affordable high-quality digital cameras, it has become easier than ever to capture scenes from our world. In fact, your photos can be worth quite a bit of money, and we are not talking about entering them in contests – though, by all means, you can try.

Stock photography is the production of photographs for paid or even free use. Unlike more traditional photography business models, stock photography does not require the user to pay royalties for each use. The business models applied to stock photography can vary.

The idea is to photograph various objects, scenes, and people in a way that they become symbolic of stereotypes of exemplars of their object type. For example, you can photograph a pickaxe in such a way that it becomes a symbol of hard work, or in a way that it can be used as an element in edited photos.

Here are some recommended stock photo sites:



30. And the last but not less important way to earn money from home is to Start an Online Store.

Setting up an online store is easy with sites such as Shopify. Once you learn how to market your store you can begin making some cash.

Average Yerly Salary: $45 000
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To earn money from home is not like winning the lottery. It takes diligence and respect for quality. Just because you won’t face your customers directly does not mean you can sacrifice the quality of your work. In the end, producing high-quality work can entice more customers and allow you to increase your prices. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

If you are not sure which of these methods you are fit for, why not see which one sounds the best to you now and just give that a try?

Many of us have hidden talents that can only be discovered by putting ourselves into situations outside of our normal everyday activities. Who knows, you might very well be the latest self-help guru, ace web designer, art photographer, and so on!

How To Make Money On Tumblr Like a Boss in 2018

How To Make Money On Tumblr Like a boss

How To Make Money On Tumblr in 2018?

Are you looking for some reliable ways to make money online? Have you already considered the most popular ones like Facebook and YouTube?

Well, if you are still looking, then you have one more great option that is pretty much a sure shot one.

I’m talking about Tumblr – the lesser known social media platform for bloggers and other passionate influencers.

It is another great platform where you can make money according to the number of clicks and the number of views. All you need to do is figure out a favorite niche for yourself and start building your empire.

Video Overview: The best ways to make money with Tumblr

In case you are in the dark about where to start and where to end, here is a step by step guide on


-Find your target audience and build it

– This is one of the first things that you must do, not just on Tumblr but
across any platform that you are using. You need to be clear about the topics
that you want to be discussing and also the category of people that you want to
be discussing it with.

Then you need to build your audience to a level that gets you enough. For
instance, they say you get about 10% of your readers to click your ads, so
imagine the kind of audience you need if you want to make substantial money.

More ideas for finding a passionate niche on Tumblr:

  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Photography ( you can selling high-end cameras and make money as an affiliate)
  • Luxury (huge Tumblr niche)

You can have how many accounts you want, I have 3 and one of them have more than 35 000 followers.

Video Overview: Easy Tumblr HACKS! | How to Get Followers on Tumblr! | SammieSpeaks

Can you Automate the whole process?

Yes, you can use Tumblrjazz  You can use this bot to follow 200 people a day and to like pictures. You can load up to 1000 pictures for the next 10 days.

-Get yourself an affiliate program

You can only get a good affiliate program if you have a good audience. It is
basically a system, where you help companies sell their products and in return,
you get a percentage of the price of their products. There are a lot of good
programs offered by Amazon Associates, Ebates etc.

Use sensible ads

Now you have to be careful not to over-do this one because no one likes a cluttered website.
Ads are the most common way to make money and there are a number of business
partners like Google Adsense that can offer great opportunities.

-Sponsored links

This is a system where you can add your URL or link to other websites and that way become a
sponsored link. Every time a sponsored link is clicked it gives you an earning.
There are many partners for you to get started on this one too like LinkShrink.

Video Overview: How To Get More Notes On Tumblr

-Picture links

This one works a lot like your sponsored links, but the difference is that you embed a link in
pictures in when you post on Tumblr. The link should lead to your partner’s
source of course and each time someone clicks, you get your earnings.

-Book reviews

You can write book reviews if you enjoy reading and link the book back to business partner, say
Amazon using their associate program. Be sure to include other posts too on
your Tumble blog so that it doesn’t look too obvious.

As an additional tip, you do need to make sure that you have enough followers before you approach affiliate business partners or
any kind of business partners. The key is to make them feel that a partnership
with you is going to help them boost their sales or their subscriptions.

In the following videos, you can learn more about how to make money on Tumblr:

You can learn more from the following video as well:

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How to Make Money Flipping Cars in Less Than 3 Hours.

How to Make Money Flipping Cars in Less Than 3 Hours.

So you want to learn how to flip cars for profit, Lets dive in.

Flipping cars is the buying of cars at a very low price then investing in it by pimping it up which adds it’s value, then later selling it at a profit. It’s basically buying a car at a low price and selling it at a high price.

For you to achieve the sale you want, you have to first make sure you identify the car you want, having in mind that luxurious cars may take some time to sell while common cars have lots of customers hence it’s easier to make the desired sales.

When choosing a car, it’s good, to begin with, small amounts so as to mitigate any risks. Cars that look beat and undesirable are good since with the right kind of makeover they end up bringing a higher profit margin.


When looking for a car, Craigslist is one of the places to get the best deals, especially for beginners. Always look for the most recent posts especially since people often leave their contact details attached. To be always updated, one can get Google alerts to notify you of any Craigslist postings.

They do so by sending you an email once a new ad is posted. You can always also post an ad stating the kind of car you require making it easier for people to get in contact with you.

Always Inspect the Car Before You Buy

Once you identify the car you want, it is always advisable to inspect the car before you buy it. It’s good to find out the various issues it has, how it functions and the various legal requirements. You do not want to end up with a stolen car. When it comes to issues like mileage and transmission, it’s important to thoroughly check the car for a car with a mileage of over 150,000 miles may be useless to buy.

Cars with dead batteries, however, may be advantageous to buy since it can help bring down the buying price. It’s also not expensive to replace a dead battery which may end up boosting your selling price.

In the following video, you can learn the easiest way to search for cars on Craiglist:

Hour 2 – Now You Have to Begin the Makeover Process. Making the Car Ready to Sell.

First, you do your budgeting by checking the price needed to fix and boost the cars outlook.
You then hire a mechanic or fix the car yourself if you know the way around it.
Check the interior and transform it if it appears to beat. You can do this by changing items like the car seats, mats, and the sound system. The small changes in a car may end up making most of the difference.
Fix the headlights whereby you change cloudy headlights and replace them with new ones. You can even change their design. This makes a lot of difference in how the car looks.

Important things to remember:

  1. Clean cars sell much faster so don’t skip the step of cleaning the car, it can make a huge impact on the buyer’s impression. Who wants to pay a high price for a dirty car.
  2. What about pricing the car – I usually price the car over KBB private party value, this gives you a little room for negotiation. This way the buyers will feel that they have made a great deal.

Video Overview: Detail and Sell Your Car: Drive Clean

Hour 3 – After pimping up the car, you are now set for selling.

You first evaluate your numbers considering how much you bought the car and the amounts used for repairs. You have to then come up with a selling price that also gives you profits. The amounts have to be reasonable enough that upon posting an ad on Craigslist, you can get a customer in less than three hours.

To get customers, one can post the ad on Craigslist showing a picture of the car. It’s also important to post all the enticing features of the car such as mileage, transmission, headlights, interior design etc. Avoid posting any information that may end up discrediting your ad. First impressions are always important when a customer is going to your ad. It’s also good to regularly update your ad since people are mostly interested in the ads on the first pages. You also have to post an ad that is more enticing than that of your competitors.

After a customer shows interest, always ensure you avail yourself with the various documentation during the meet. Also, have better bargaining power than the customer so that the buyer lands at the price margin you have set.

These are my favorite places to sell your car completely free:

  • Flipping cars on Craiglist – In my opinion, Craiglist is the best and the fastest way to sell your car.
  • Offer UP – They have a website and a smartphone application. It looks like Craiglist but it is much easier to stand out from other sellers.

Video Overview: How To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit With $500.00?

Important things to remember regarding the selling process:

  • Don’t try to be a salesperson but rather a good marketer. The only thing I am trying to do is to make the cars easy to buy. A lot of buyers will choose to buy a vehicle from a private person rather than a dealer due to they want to avoid the high pressure of the selling process.
  • Finalizing the Sale – Make sure that you have received the money before you sing the ownership documents to the buyer. It is always a good idea to be familiar with your country states regulations on car transfers.

Bottom Line:

Once the sale is completed and you have the cash in your hands you can go ahead and look for another car to flip. With this method, you can sell and earn money not only with cars but you can flip RV, motorcycles and even dirt bikes.