How to Buy a Profitable Online Business? (Ultimate Guide)

How to Buy a Profitable Online Business

Buy an Existing Online Business

Starting an online business can be a lucrative opportunity for earning money. Online business is the trend today and there are many kinds of business you can start with. But of course, know that starting your own online business is not an easy feat to do.

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Why Buy Existing Online Business?

Online business means you need to have at least basic prowess on operating a computer apart from business acumen. At the same time, you need to set up a website or a social media account to where your customers will find you and your merchandise. As you can see, there are plenty of things you need to do, not to mention you need a considerable amount of money to start your own business.

There is an alternative, however, if you really want to start an online business. Instead of starting your own, you can buy an existing online business to start with. If your finances permit, buying an existing online business (or website) is truly a fast track towards online success. Do you know that about 80% of new businesses fail?

Even businesses put up by seasoned entrepreneurs sometimes don’t even make it past a year. This is because a business is a gamble and new business is a lot riskier. If you really want to make money online, you can either start from scratch or instead start an existing online business with an already proven record. Here are a few reasons why buying  an online business is a good idea:

  1. Immediate access to a new and profitable niche.
  2. Even if you’re just starting out, you feel like a “pro”. You’re immediately bringing in real income.
  3. Takes you from “if” I can make this work to “how much” can I make it work.
  4. Positions you for future/bigger deals. The process is identical — the terminology, due diligence, considerations. Practicing on less expensive purchases has less risk.
  5. Instant diversification. While diversification is important in any business,

The question is where can you find an existing business to buy?

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Ways to Find Existing Online Business for Sale

Know that finding a business to buy is going to be a real challenge. It isn’t like you can find a single place to where existing businesses to your liking are sold. The important thing is you know where and how to look. So here are different ways you can find an existing online business to buy:

  • Approach Businesses Directly

If you know what you’re looking for and already has an eye for a business you like, it could worth approaching them about buying their business. Before proceeding to buy the business, you’ll want to do some research first, prepare a business plan and a pitch and more. If after all research you still like the business, then you can proceed with buying it.

  1. BizBuySell
  2. BizQues
  • Go to Online Marketplaces

The next logical place to go to is an online business marketplace and there’s plenty out there. These are the most obvious places to start wherein you’ll find available listings of online business in your chosen industry with viable opportunities. There you can find valuable information for any potential interest and go on the process of buying an online business.

  1. Flippa
  • Get Help from Website Brokers

There are also website brokers – companies – that have experience, knowledge, and expertise in the selling of an online business. They have the tools and the network along with the due-diligence process. Additionally, web brokers specifically look for well-established, legitimate sites with a steady income – everything you are looking for. If its easy way of finding and buying an online business, enlisting the help of website brokers is an ideal choice.

  1. FE International
  2. Empireflippers.com
  3. Quietlightbrokerage.com
  4. Flippa.com/deal-flow

What type of businesses can you buy?

There are a lot of online business types, but the four preferred models that come up most for sale are:

  • Information Products
  • Affiliate
  • Adsense
  • eCommerce

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What to look for when evaluating sites?

  1. At least a full year of history to reflect seasonality.
  2. At least $400 in profit each month for the last 6 months. Less than 6 months is too unpredictable.
  3. The site should not have been sold within last one year.
  4. Consistent traffic with no unusual spikes. Be highly suspicious of huge traffic spikes. Unfortunately, some companies who decide to sell,  they pad the stats by sending all sorts of expensive PPC traffic to it. That strategy is not sustainable due to the expense.
  5. Make sure it passes all due diligence checks (see below).
  6. Have some synergy targets, ways that you can improve the business and increase the revenues.
  7. Have a great broker.

The Buying Process

  1. Find a deal that looks good. Examine the prospectus ( general information about the site). You’re not signing yet, just determining if it looks legit.
  1. Provide seller with a letter of intent. They see you’re interested, that you intend to buy this business depending on the results of your due diligence.
  1. The seller creates a Data Room. This is a package of information, usually in a virtual folder, where the seller discloses everything to you – if not – no deal. This information is crucial to your due diligence.
  2. Consider the things you bring to the table. What is the potential return on revenue, traffic and so forth? Then determine what price makes sense to you to make it a worthwhile purchase.
  3. Sign up a contract.

The Due Diligence Process

You can’t always believe what you’re told. You have to do some hands-on verification. Does the story you recreate about this online business match up with the seller’s claims?

There are three basic steps to the due diligence process:

Step 1: Understand the “story” the seller is telling you about traffic sources, conversion vehicles, inventory and affiliate products, AdSense… Get complete, total statistics and information – every single metric.

Step 2: Verify every metric with proof. Do the web host stats match traffic? Does the conversion rate make sense? Do the affiliate management company reports show the same number of units? Do the bank deposits and PayPal reports add up? Take the information the seller is providing and verify that it is true and accurate

Step 3: Build your own “story” with all the proof. Does it all really add up? Does it make sense? Ask for clarification where it doesn’t make sense. Your verification has to match up.

The bottom line

If you’re looking to buy an online business, there are a variety of different channels available to you, and one isn’t necessarily better than the other. They all have their upsides and downsides, and you have to check your overall experience with the channel you’re looking to utilize.

If the due-diligence process is new to you, and you’ve never bought a business before, then online marketplaces and auction sites may not be the best options for you. On the other hand, even if you do have a great deal of experience with the sale of online businesses, there are times when working with a broker is still the smartest thing you can do.

The Best 5 Free Traffic sites

The Best 5 Free Traffic sites

The Best 5 Free Traffic sites

Internet traffic is a powerful tool for marketers worldwide. The survey shows that 72% of medium business owners consider the internet to be the most effective means of marketing. Generally, traffic refers to the level of attention that a particular website receives per unit time. This implies that the more traffic one gets, the more marketable one is. However, generating much traffic is not easy.That is why there are a set of free traffic sites that help in building this traffic that is so essential for business.

1. Trafficape

If you are a good blogger and have an active social media connection, this is the site for you. It is also an ideal tool for those involved in online selling, web hosting and has a YouTube channel. Trafficape provides you with a free traffic website through which you can gain maximum exposure on the net and up your rankings too. The best part is that the site keeps all your links intact. This ensures that your link maintains its ideal relevance and therefore you are able to acquire followers.
From the following video you can learn: How to Get Instant Website Traffic, the Fast and Easy Way. FREE

2. Websitetrafficgenerator

This tool guarantees high-quality visits to your sites. Out of all the free traffic sites, websitetrafficgenerator.org guarantees a 100% web traffic. It is totally Adsense safe too. All the traffic is obtained from top social media sites including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and is ideal for business and serious bloggers.

3. 10khits

With 10khits.com, you can easily change your traffic sources from default to custom, organic, anonymous or social. This enables you to make out the best use of traffic from major social media networks. The features best suit traffic resellers and webmasters. It is a versatile and interactive tool with a deft dashboard that allows you receive visitors instantly and acquire points too.


From the following video you can learn: Get more than 1000+ page views (traffic) from this website!! 


4. Trafficbot

If you need a large amount of traffic, trafficbot.uk is the tool for you. The traffic offered is of high quality and only authentic visitors are redirected to your site. After creating a project, they help you select a country from where you wish to receive traffic from. You also get an option where you can choose to receive traffic from Asia, North America, South America or Europe.

5. Traffboost

This free tool is ideal for generating traffic from different parts of the world. You get a few points for listings once you add your website here. These points are earned by those who visit your site. In addition, you get free points by visiting other sites and you will also be required to acquire more points. These help you get more visitors and also guarantees the visibility of your site.


With the above free traffic sites, it is easy to get your websites and blogs to the top of SEO’s listings. All you have to do is choose that tool that suits your business website or blog. Remember, generating more traffic not only boosts your listings on search engines but also boosts your business to the world-class level. Putting in mind that the sites mentioned above. all that is left is for you to chose the right tool for your business. All the best.

What factors make a social media campaign successful?

What factors make a social media campaign successful_

What factors make a social media campaign successful?

Social media is getting to be plainly more straightforward and in addition various because of the meeting of incorporated web promoting methodologies. Actually, it is the quickest developing enthusiasm for internet promoting foundation and has a solid effect on purchasing conduct.

Today, social media basically implies interfacing clients and getting drawn in with them. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to succeed in place with the clients, at that point you should take after specific guidelines, for example, What factors make a social media campaign successful.

  • Be clear about the business targets before propelling a social media promoting campaign

Marketers should first comprehend the principal objective of the business, which they need to accomplish. The essential objective of a social media campaign is to effectively discover and make a firm association with the clients.This is the most feasible angle, which will, in the end, lead the business to procure benefits by changing over watchers to clients.

In the event that done appropriately, it will enable the business to develop in a consistent manner with the extension of business to organize. Extension of the system just means the development of thoughts, convictions and thinking skyline. It will help organizations to tackle the capacities of social media stages and accomplish perfect notoriety on the web space.

  • Listen to Customers

Listen to Customers

This is essential for the organizations hoping to make an unblemished picture before their clients. For this, enthusiastic group of advertisers, investigators need to appropriately read, assess, dissect, regard and ask its clients. Obviously, it is a tedious undertaking, in any case, it pays in strong sums.

It causes organizations to comprehend the mentalities of clients and positively connects with them all the more effective.

  • Be Visual

Be Visual.

Sites are incredible for extreme data, yet with the quickly paced universe of social media, few out of every odd client will have room schedule-wise to explore through a broad site brimming with composed substance. Be that as it may, you can provoke their enthusiasm with short blasts of data to drive them to your site for more data.

This is one of the real objectives of the momentary social media. Having a few social media outlets enables you to communicate little bits of data through announcements, tweets, and e-impacts, which can create more hits to your site. More hits imply more enthusiasm for your organization’s item, which thus can make more transformations and lift deals.

On the web, video can dazzle gatherings of people and hold their consideration fundamentally longer than content. Recordings can pass clients more data than most different outlets. Frequently clients don’t have room schedule-wise to peruse an email, yet give them a moment long video, and you have another client!

Recordings can be watched and tuned in to while clients are surfing the web and multitasking. The ubiquity of advanced mobile phones additionally implies your video can be seen anyplace. This gives a voice to your item and your business that is anything but difficult to interface with and share.

Clients have little enthusiasm for quite recently observing a notice or a tweet. In any case, communicate a video, and all of a sudden you’ve made your social showcasing substantially more powerful and locks in.

Watch these videos for in-depth details when you creating your social-media marketing plan:

These videos will walk you through SEVERAL examples of the exact guidance that I provided above.  If the outline above wasn’t enough details for you, these videos definitely will be.  I highly recommend you watch these to help you pick your niche.

Which are the best ad agencies in social media campaigns?

An extraordinary video will do. Clients need to be charmed when viewing a video. They need to give you their business, yet they should be locked in to do as such. A professionally delivered and altered video can surrender you a leg on your opposition.

Employing an expert video generation organization can spare you time and cash by delivering promoting, showcasing, enlightening recordings and more for your organization. Having quality recordings created for your organization might be the distinction that drives clients to your site and holds them returning for additional.

  • Flexibility Pays

It just means keeping the mind open and prepared to tune in and react to the conditions emerging from time to time. You should practice tolerance and attempt to serve your client’s request however much as could reasonably be expected to pick up the certainty of your clients.

You ought to likewise share your item or administration related plans to get more inventive, fascinating, aggressive and innovative thoughts. This will likewise give a chance to tune in to the developing requests of clients.
A standout amongst the most critical things previously campaign start is thinking about negative inputs or troubling reactions. It is essential to remain stable. It would help impact clients and have positive vibes in long terms.

Today, social media has changed its direction, yet positively fabricates mindfulness and set up mark notoriety. It will likewise support your social achieve, mark character and help to sustain most stretched out conceivable clients. Building long-haul connections through social media site may help other imperative and essential parts of your advertising design. Along these lines, you can see and measure site execution and movement coming through social media.

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What is “social media optimization” and how do you leverage it?

What is _social media optimization_ and how do you leverage it_

Introduction to Social Media Optimization (SMO)

The Social Media Optimization, shortened as SMO, is termed as the use of numbers of communities and outlets in increasing the publicity about a particular product, the brand of a service or event. The more events they organize more success they can get for that product.

The involvement of social media can be visible in bookmarking sites, social news, RSS feeds along with various social networking sites that include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and some other blogging sites.

The SMO is same as the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). It is because of an aim to consolidate web traffic for a particular site and to add some healthy awareness regarding the website.

The main work of SMO is to provide help for our users in optimizing the site and its search visibility by making it popular on various social media sites like video blogging, podcasts, message boards, wikis and blog sites, etc.

In common, the SMO is helpful to optimize the website and the content related to it in order to encourage the users to share and use more links through the website by the help of social media platform.

The leveraging power of SMO

If you are in a mood to leverage the power of social media marketing especially for your business purpose, you must have a complete knowledge of the common pitfalls and the etiquette of customer engagement of the media landscape.

In today’s generation, people are finding some other ways to find the best places like hotels and restaurants with the help of social media engines instead of depending upon the search engines.

We do believe that the real feel of SMO lies in leveraging on exceptional basis but many consequences of the definite community-based platforms can be found easily. SMO helps you in creating the strategy that is personalized to your product or services in the social media hub.

What are the best practices for SMO?

1 .Making new customers
Social media is all about socializing and the work that SMO does is that it offers a tremendous opportunity for the commoners to avail their business site with an ease by the help of social media platform.

With its co-operation, one will able to make a growth for its business and will particularly get many customers that will drag towards their business site. Anybody can take the advantage of such opportunities to run their business well.

2. Cost-effective
Performing general features on the social network websites are absolutely free. As per the sources, it is noticed that the SMO has regarded to be very effective and beneficial for both small as well as big companies.

3. Helpful to retain the old customers
Many companies are there that believe that the social media optimization is one of the purest methods to stay in touch with your old customers along with building the newcomers as well. SMO has derived a facility to retain the customers by providing them some deals and special offers that will be helpful for their interaction towards the company.

Get Free Twitter Followers Instantly


So you want to get Free Twitter Followers Instantly? Let’s dive in.

Telco discovered that the highly qualified visitors to their website delivered the greatest value, but they were too few in number. But soon as they turned to Twitter to deliver their content to people who were interested in their technology, Telco immediately achieved higher cost efficiencies for conversion.

The simple lesson?

You need to be where your customers are!

That is going to be the power of your Twitter content.

In this video, you can learn: How to Understand Your Customer So Well That Your Product Will Sell Itself 

How to Automate Your Way to Twitter Success?

You have your core businesses to run. Your Twitter handle cannot consume all the time you need to run your business.

This is when you need to automate Twitter.

Hey, When Do I Tweet?

That perhaps is the first thing you need to find out in your automation journey. When you are posting your content, you need maximum engagement from your followers.

Best time to post on Social Media

How do you know that?

There are many Twitter Analytics tools to identify peak periods of engagement among your followers. Set up an account and use the Tool dashboard to find out the best times to post your Tweets.

In this video, you can learn: 5 Analytics Tools for Tracking and Measurement

Can We Schedule?

Once you found out when to tweet, you can schedule your tweets.

You can choose one from the list below:



In this video, you can learn: How To Use Buffer To Schedule Social Media Posts



But before you schedule, make sure that you have set the time zone right.

Now set up posting schedules and how many times you want to post contents to get the content out to your followers automatically. You might want to tinker around a bit with the scheduling before you find the optimum settings for you.

Once that is done, you are almost good to go!

In this video, you can learn: Using Coschedule to Schedule Social Media Posts

Fill Your Queue!

Now you need a Tool like Buffer that automates actions on Twitter platform. What this Tool essentially does is link your scheduling tool to Twitter and send your content out as Tweets in an endless loop once you choose Twitter as the trigger channel.

Buyffer Queue

You can select a trigger here, like a new tweet by you or any of the other options present in the tool, fitting to your needs.

You will then have to authorize your scheduling tool as the action channel to set up all your tweets in the queue to be sent out at the scheduled times.

To Get Free Twitter Followers Instantly Sound Great, isn’t it?

Well, all the automation matters only when you have followers on your Twitter account.

If you are on the prowl for followers, the best way, of course, is to grow your Twitter following organically, with great and relevant content. The value that organic followers will give you is nothing compared to the value you can get from targeting Free Instant Followers.

Pretty Big Challenge?

Organic growth can be a pretty big challenge!

Maybe a better strategy would be to have a blend of organic and inorganic growth to increase your Twitter popularity.

When you go for inorganic growth, you must know one thing.

There are many options out there, which will consume your money and give you nothing or close to nothing in return. Stay away from them!

You can check some places out to grow your free twitter followers instantly. Well, not instantly, but almost instantly. It will only take as much time as it takes for you to follow others.



Twiends offers you followers in exchange for seeds, and you can garner seeds by following other Twitter accounts. The seeds you get for following other accounts can be used for increasing your Twitter following.

Follow Mania


Follow Mania is another website that will suggest you Twitter accounts to follow and in return, you can have as many people following your Twitter Account.



This works like Twiends, only instead of seeds, you are awarded points here for following other Twitter accounts which you can use to get Twitter followers for yourself.

Instant growth, as long as you help others grow!

How to get your first 100 free twitter followers.

Step 1# Sing up for Crowdfire.


Step 2# Choose your competitors – you will start to follow their followers that have the same interests and they will follow you back.

Crowdfire Competitors Follow

Step 3# You can follow not more than 1000 people per day, so from my experience, you will get between 100 and 200 followers per day.

Can I get a 5000 free twitter followers with this system?

Of course, you can, just rinse and rapid and remember to unfollow those who are not following you back.

Here is the proof of this system and how if you dedicate 20 min. per day you can grow your Twitter followers.


Video Overview: How To Get More Twitter Followers The Real Way

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Bottom Line:

Hit the sweet spot with your Twitter growth strategy. If you get it right, you will certainly become a Twitter star.

How to get more Facebook followers and likes for your business?

How to get more Facebook followers and likes-

Facebook has completely revolutionized the world as we know it in barely a decade: every 1 in 7 people uses Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said when Facebook hit the one billion user mark.


Source: Techcrunch  

Originally, launched as a social media platform for college students only, Facebook has now impacted every aspect of our lives from friendships and relationships, to perhaps more shockingly employment and businesses.

Facebook is not only a stimulant in creating a broader customer base but a necessary prerequisite and a measure for the success of your business. Hence, we will discuss the ways to create a successful business outlook on Facebook in this article.

Firstly, and most importantly, to create an effective Facebook profile for your business you must be aware of the target audience for your business model that is available on Facebook.

This is necessary for you to understand what gets your audience going, and what language to interact with them in order to get through to them. Consider a brand aimed at t-shirts for teenagers versus a company that produces cancer medicine.

The difference between what language would be used, the type of posts that will be shared and the overall atmosphere that the Facebook page should create is staggeringly different. However, it is not just important to share quality posts but also to be consistent.

Follower booms and drop cycles should always be avoided. Don’t post too frequently to spam your audience. Build a schedule and stick to it. Additionally, don’t be monotonous in the posts you share. Diversity is key! Keep the posts relevant but diversely interesting.

If we take the example of t-shirts than to advertise a t-shirt with AC/DC printed on it, you can share a song by AC/DC and add a hyperlink in the post directly to the page from which they can buy the t-shirt online.

Secondly, it is important to ensure you utilize the entire potential of your Facebook page by taking advantage of the plethora of features available to you. Facebook offers you advertising options at relatively low prices which allow users to follow your page without actually visiting it.

It also collects data on user interests and pitches your page to the users with similar interests and greater chances of becoming a customer. Also, there are widgets and hyperlinks which Facebook allows you to create which you can display on your official business website, personal account, and other social media accounts to ensure that anyone who comes across them can quickly and easily follow your business.

Furthermore, it is important to understand the difference between real Facebook followers and fake ones. The success of your business largely depends on users who are active and engaging by liking or sharing your posts.

For this reason, you must never waste your time and money on buying Facebook followers or likes through websites. Remember that fake number boosts don’t translate to loyal customers or profit for you.

We hope to be gripped by your Facebook page very soon if you follow this advice. To conclude, we will stress upon the significance of having Facebook followers through the following quote from kissmetrics.com which is one of the prime data collection and analysis websites for marketing, “As an early-comer, Facebook is obviously going to squash the competition.”


10 Ways to get more Facebook folloewrs (1)

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