28 Places to Make Copies (Near Me) For Cheap.

28 Places to Make Copies (Near Me) For Cheap.

28 Places to Make Copies (Near Me).

The Local Library

All local libraries have a copy machine that only costs a small fee for each page. At my local library, they have a library card that allows you to use the copy machines for free. If your part of the district then you gets the library card for free, but if you’re not a resident then you have to pay $25 for six months or $50 a year.

The Local Post Office

Some post offices will still have copy machines. The USPS won’t advertise this online so you’ll have to call them in order to find out if they have one available to the public.

The Local Community Centers

Since local community centers are operated by the government or for a non-profit they may have copy machines that you can use. It’s the best chance of using a public place to make copies after a library.

FedEx Office

The FedEx Office will offer copy and print services along with shipping costs. You can submit your orders online and pick them up at your local FedEx Office. At my local FedEx Office, you can get a print order for $50 online and in stores.

UPS Store

The UPS Store offers copy services in more than 2,600 places worldwide. At my local UPS Store, they offer $1.99 per page for an 8.5 x 11″ letter custom paper. For 8.5 x 14” legal custom paper it’s $1.99 per page. For 11 x 17” ledger paper it’s $1.81 per page.

The Local Copy Store

If you come from a small town that doesn’t have its own FedEx or UPS store, then you can go to the local copy and printing store.

CVS Pharmacy

Some CVS Pharmacy offer copying services, to make sure that your CVS Pharmacy store is one of them call ahead and ask. My local CVS Pharmacy offers:

  • Black and white single-sided for 19 cents per page
  • Black and white double-sided for 38 cents per page
  • Color single-sided for 99 cents per page
  • Color double-sided for $1.98 per page
  • CD Copies for $3.99

Office Depot and OfficeMax

All Office Depot locations have custom copying and printing services. If you have an OfficeMax instead of an Office Depot then the prices will still be the same. In my local Office Depot offers:

  • Single-sided black and white copy for 9 cents
  • Double-sided black and white copy for 9 cents
  • Full-color single-sided copy for 42 cents
  • Full-color double-sided copy for 42 cents


Staples is the cheaper than the other national and copy services that are out there. So check the local area to see if you have a Staples store. In my local Staples store I can get:

  • Black and white high volume B&W copies for 21 cents per page
  • Standard Color High-Quality Documents with images and photos for 11 cents per page
  • Presentation Graphics 12” x 18” for $14.99
  • Presentation Graphics 18” x 24” for $19.99
  • Presentation Graphics 24” x 36” for $23.99


Costco offers copy and printing services along with other bulk shopping opportunities. You can also get business cards, letterheads, banners, and posters at Costco.

  • Black and white copies are for 3.5 cents each
  • Color copies are for 29 cents each


Get copies made at your Grocery store

You can make copies at your nearest grocery store as they also have a photocopy machine to help you.


Coborn also offers many guest services other than groceries in the store. Each of their store locations has a facility of the copier, mainly located near their service counter. They charge very less from 10 cents to 50 cents according to your copies need. Prices vary differently by store location.

Fiesta Mart

It also offers a facility for copying your important documents with some discounts if you have a bulk of pages to get
copied. They charge from 5 cents to 25 cents for each page.


HEB has many stores located around the country. They have a very good facility for copying your documents. It also costs very low from 7 cents to 20 cents per page they also have a fax machine at every store location.


Some location store of Hy-Vee provides copier service for their customers. You just need to make a call to confirm that; if the service is available at your nearer store. Every store in your area provides copier service at a very low cost.

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Your Favorite grocery store

There is a store in your area which provides you the best and your favorite stuff.

Order copies Online

If you don’t have enough money to buy a copier or you don’t want to go outside, you can easily order your desired documents to get copied by online service. You just need to upload your document with details like how much copies you want etc, and they will deliver your copies in meantime.


It is an online service for copying documents. They provide best quality service for their online customers.

Best Value Copy

They are running their online business for 20 years. They offer good quality service for their online customers and deliver their copied documents in meantime.


It is also an online service which provides a mobile app to upload your documents from your phone and they get
your copies at your home.

Colors copy today

They also run their business for a very long time and offers best quality delivery of your documents at your home with a very low cost.

Vista print

They provide digital marketing services including copying your documents. You just need to upload with details and they will deliver you at home.

CVS also provide service for copying your documents. Walgreen stores also have a facility of the copier. Wallet size prints are 2.5X3.5 inches.

How much do copies cost?

It costs differently; either you want a colored copy or black and white. The following payment will be charged according to your printing material.

  • Colored copy: 10 cents to 50 cents per page
  • Black and white: 5 cents to 25 cents per page

Some places offer a discount for you has a bundle of pages to get copied like, up to 1000+ pages. You can save money by spending less on making copies for business advertisement.

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8 Ways To Get More Followers on Pinterest

Looking for To Get More Followers on Pinterest?

Get More Followers on PinterestPinterest – the internet’s latest public press trend, is a fantastic way to develop attention for your web or blog site. But as with most public press marketing methods, your ability to impact others through your Pinterest existence is limited if you do not have that many individuals following you in the first position.

So today, I’ll discuss a few methods that can be effective for developing up your Pinterest following. Try applying a few of these thoughts to your Pinterest user profile and watch your variety of supporters soar!

Why should you focus on Pinterest?

Pinterest, unlike Facebook and Instagram, is a search engine, users tell this social media platform what they want to see. You don’t go to Facebook and type in “How to start a blog”.

So it is very important that you make sure that your pins and post titles are Exactly the same with what people are searching for. So before you start optimizing your pins and post you should check what people are searching for. Here is an example how you can find what people are searching for.You just type in the search field what you want to write about and see what people are looking for.


Tip #1 – Tie Into Your Current Social Networks

One of the quickest and simplest methods to get more followers on Pinterest is by attaching your point to your current Facebook or MySpace and Tweets information. Doing so (and setting up your authorizations correctly) means that every new item you pin will be shown to your supporters on these systems. Since you already have established relationships with members on these websites, you will discover that many of them tend to adhere to along with your Pinterest user profile naturally.

Tip #2 – Create it Easy to Pin Your Content

Integrating Pinterest control buttons into your content, product pages and other areas of your web page can help boost frequently your articles is pinned and lead to new supporters for your user profile. Because Pinterest is still relatively new, basically having these control buttons in position provides a visible memory for individuals to sign up to your user profile and interact with your articles on this new web page.

Tip #3 – Create Forums to Supplement Your Posts

Alternatively, why not develop a Pinterest panel that is built around one of your content. For instance, if you run a dog training tips web page and suggest several different items in new writing, develop a Pinterest panel linked with this post that stocks these suggestions in a visible way.

Tip #4 – To Get More Followers on Pinterest You Need To Pin Regularly

As with any public press web page, identifying how often to pin new articles includes finding the ideal balance between publishing so little that there is no value in following your user profile and publishing so often that individuals get frustrated with your continuous updates.I have found that posting 5 times a day with 2 hours between is working the best for me.

Tip #5 – Improve Your Board Labeling Structure

Giving each panel on your Pinterest user profile a fun and exclusive, but easy to understand, a name is an important part of gaining new supporters.

Tip #6 – Curate Your Pins

If you only ever repin articles from others, you are not bringing anything new to the table, which gives Pinterest customers even less of motivation to adhere to along with you. Instead, build your new hooks based on articles you discover on other internet websites or from resources you are familiar with that have not yet been presented substantially on Pinterest.

Tip #7 – To Get More Followers on Pinterest You Should Follow Other Pinners

On Pinterest – as on Tweets, Google+ and Facebook or MySpace – following other customers (especially power customers with countless numbers and a large number of exclusive subscribers) is a fantastic way to get your articles observed and propagate across a much bigger network of individuals.

Tip #8 – Arrange a Pin Exchange

While it’s considered incorrect to pin your articles too frequently, you can always team up with other internet marketers or suppliers in your market to arrange a “pin exchange” that allows more of your articles to be seeded onto Pinterest without your direct participation.

And remember the most important:


That should always be first and foremost.  The followers will come!

10 Best Free SEO Tools

10 Best Free SEO Tools (4)

What’s better than an amazing SEO tool? An amazing SEO tool that’s free.

If you are looking for solution to work smarter, not harder, then this article is for you. I’ve comprised a list of the best free SEO tools that I use almost every day. And while it is nice to have a large arsenal of tools at your side, it will be even more useful if you know how to wield them to their full potential.

Key Word Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Can’t figure out which keyword Google likes? Why don’t you figure that out with information provided by GOOGLE herself?

There is no better person to get keywords from than Google. *I mean, if you are trying to please your boss, information your boss tells you would give you a better gauge than what random third parties are trying to tell you, right?*

The Google Keyword Planner does exactly that. All you have to do is to provide a seed keyword and the keyword planner will automatically generate a list of keywords for you, together with the approximate no. of monthly searches.

Price: Free



SEMRush is one of the best SEO tools I’ve seen that receives a lot of love, for good reason. I LOVE SEMRush.

SEMRush has a ton of features, but here are my favorite ones:

  • Discover new organic competitors
  • See competitor’s best keywords
  • Observe position changes of domains
  • Conduct a deep backlink analysis
  • Find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Gather phrase matches and related keywords
  • Get long-tail keywords
  • Find keywords with less competition
  • Estimate keyword difficulty instantly

As you can probably tell SEMRush packs a punch. I suggest that you head over there and take a look for yourself.

Price: Free – $99.95/monthly for a Pro account  


Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis links with Google AdWords to bring you keyword information directly from Google.

Traffic Travis is a solid, yet basic, SEO analysis tool.

It is a good choice for small businesses or bloggers beginning to optimize their website and increase page rankings.

Price: Free 



WooRank evaluates Web sites based on 50 criteria in an automated fashion, free of charge, and provides helpful SEO and other tips.




Honestly I haven’t tried Ahrefs because it works quite similarly to SEMRush and I never had a need to check it out.

However, I’m including it here as I’ve heard great things from many successful entrepreneurs I know who swear by Ahrefs.

Here’s what it does:

  • Get a deep backlink profile for any URL
  • Analyze your competitor’s search traffic
  • Discover the most popular content for any topic (by backlinks, organic traffic, and social shares)
  • See every site that’s linking to a particular piece of content so that you can create a list of outreach targets
  • Position tracker
  • Identify SEO issues with your site


Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer


  • Easy comparisons of link metrics side by side among 6 sites
  • Provides an export to Excel for examination of links and easy sorting
  • Allows filtering of links by link equity, followed and redirected links from both external sites and internal pages
  • While Open Site Explorer shows a Domain Authority score for an entire domain and a Page Authority score for a specific URL, it would be helpful to have a Subdomain Authority score for an entire subdomain of pages
  • Excel reports can take a while to be generated depending on how many are in the queue




Another tool that does roughly what SEMRush and Ahrefs does.

It also has a pretty handy Google Chrome Plugin called Majestic Backlink Analyzer (free) that will help you to analyze a weblink you’re on and see who is linking to that article.




Buzzsumo is a research and monitoring tool. The functionality is broken down as follows:

  • Find content that is most shared on social media channels
  • Get alerts based on keywords, brand name, links, author name or domain
  • Find influencers related to particular topics
  • Track competitors and do an analysis based on their content.

Price: Free

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

After you’ve done a bunch of SEO work, you may want to check if your efforts are actually reaping fruits.

The Google Search Console was created by Google herself to give you a rough idea of your search performance.

This is a MUST for any website. Go sign up now if you haven’t, it’s 100% free.

Here are a couple of things it does:

  • Submit Sitemap
  • No. of impressions and clicks your site is getting from Google
  • See a list of *some of* the keywords you’re ranking for, and which position you’re at
  • Your backlinks
  • Check if your stuff has been indexed by Google
  • Get notified of any security issue Google has with your site

Price: Free




10 Best Free SEO Tools (1)

7 Important Copywriting Tools to Make you a Rockstar Blogger

After nearly 10 years as a professional writer, I have more effective copywriting and SEO copywriting tools at my disposal. No copywriter should be without this full suite of 7 must-have tools that aid the copywriting process.

Hope this list helps....

Blog Topic Generator
Don’t know what to write about? Just put in 3 nouns and it will think of ideas for you.

Blog Topic generator

750 Words
Brain dumping exercise that will keep track of the amount of time you write 750 words.

750 Words

Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor in your industry.


Daily Page
Create a daily writing routine with daily writing prompts that you’ll receive each morning.

Daily Page

Help Me Write
Add ideas you want to write about and get your audience to let you know what they want.

Help Me Write

Simple and free web app that will take the pain out of transcribing recorded interviews.


Get notified when you when you haven’t written in a while. Great accountability app.


15 Tools for Picking the Perfect Business Domain Name

15 Tools for Picking the Perfect Business Domain Name

Looking for the perfect business domain name? Here's a list of 15 domain name tools to help you choose a name for your company.

Fresh Drop
Shows recently expired domain names that you can pick up for several dollars.


Lean Domain Search's domain name generator specializes in showcasing unique and quirky domain names using prefixes and suffixes. It also checks the availability of the exact match domain.
You can easily sort and filter search results to quickly find a great domain name.


BustAName helps you find the perfect domain name by using its word combiner, finding similar words and checking for available domains. You can save domains for review, switch the word order to create new domains and combine words.


Panabee provides a simple way to search for domain names, app names, and company or personal names. If your perfect name is taken, Panabee offers suggestions inspired by your original domain idea.


Name Mesh uses synonyms and antonyms paired with real-world intelligence to help you brainstorm unique domain names — using over 20 generators. You can mix words, preserve SEO, and check related and similar words.

NameTumbler gives you domain names by combining a keyword you want with a word from their database. Once you combine words, you can choose your keyword placement (at the beginning or end of the domain).


Register Compass
Find domain names with authority, traffic, backlinks, and more.


GoDaddy Auctions
Over 100,000 expired domain names that are up on the auction block.


Name Jet
The most successful company at grabbing a domain name as soon as it expires.



Get new GTLD and deleted domains with keyword alerts.


Just Dropped
High quality deleted domains that range between $60 – $70.


Fabulous Domains
Premium deleted domains that range between $1,500 – $4,000.


Domains for rent with a buyout of at least $50,000 at the end of 12 months.


The world’s leading domain name marketplace.


Free domain name appraisal and domain productivity tools.


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7 Instagram Tools Your Business Needs

7 Instagram Tools Your Business Needs in 2017

Do you use Instagram in your marketing strategy effectively, or you don't know which Instagram tools will work for you?

In 2016 Instagram reached 500 million users. A month later, they launched Instagram stories. And now, you can easily share your daily stories with your friends, family and fans.

1. Crowdfire - Grow And Clean Up Your Instagram Account
Crowdfire makes it easy to grow and manage your following on Instagram.Use this tool to tidy up who you follow, and quickly follow other users who are likely to be interested in your product or service.

Key Features:

  • Non-followers - Quickly unfollow users that do not follow you back.
  • Copy followers - Easily follow users who follow Instagram accounts that you specify.
  • Fans - See a list of users that follow you, but you don’t follow back.
  • Who unfollowed me - Get a list of users who have unfollowed you since you linked your Instagram account to Crowdfire.
  • Who followed me - Get a list of any new followers you receive.

Crowdfire is a must-have tool for any business trying to grow their following.

They utilize your profile link to showcase your content and link your photos.

Key Features:

  • Conversion Tracking - Get amazing reports on conversions and clicks from your Instagram bio link.
  • Inventory Management For E-Commerce - Deploy a ready-to-use cart that syncs with your Instagram product posts.

Soldsie is a great tool for any E-commerce site using Instagram.

Influence discovery, at scale, from the visual content that surrounds your brand.


Powerful tools for building community & driving revenue from Instagram.



Amplifies engagement with curated images and videos taken by real people.


Get photos and videos from real people to tell your authentic brand story to the masses.


Instagram is a brilliant opportunity for innovative businesses to grow their audience, engage and increase revenue. All you need is the right tool.

Today I'm sharing an exclusive list of 20 unseen Instagram marketing tools to help engage, grow and analyze your audience.