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This is a creepy podcast made by Welcome To Night Vale gang. It a completely new serialized drama that tells the story about a truck driver who is searching for a presumed dead wife. It is a 20-minute episode that can be easily accessed and listened to.


b) Athletico Mince

This is a football podcast targeting people who don’t like the game. The podcast is 98 percent funnier than most regular footy bantz on the market.


c) The Allusionist

This is a podcast that reignites the love of words and targets people who are bored of language. Helen Zaltzman, a comedian, and an etymology enthusiast chats with experts from CBT therapists and crime reporters about words.


d) Longform

This is a podcast that offers an inside scoop on big stories. It lines up an in-depth conversation with non-fictional writers to give you a deep interview. One such example is a discussion with Nate Silver, a Statistician, who shifts his focus from analyzing sports to analyzing politics.


e) Another Round

This is a podcast for people who love drinking. In this podcast, Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton talk to each other while drinking. Their conversation range from racial politics to film actors. They manage to remain earnest and wide-ranging even as they continue drinking.



Looking at some of the best podcast names we have reviewed, it is clear that a good podcast name is simple and easy to understand. Since there is no podcast name generator where you can key in your topic and get a name, you just have to be creative and knowledgeable to get a good name. Choosing a successful title and topic for your podcast is an important step in a successful podcasting journey.
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