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I Crave Freebies

v>This is another freebie site that will keep you updated on free sticker offers. You will get offers on other products such as:
• Free beauty samples
• Free CDs and DVDs
• Free admissions
• Free seat tickets to events
• Free cash return offers
They also reveal information trending sweepstakes while also sharing coupons and other deals that may interest you.


com appears to deal in showing info about how precisely to access various freebies such as stickers and other products. There are several categories on the site which includes free samples in the health, food, men, women, and kid’s products. They also show sweepstakes and voucher information.

Yo! Free Samples

ebie site is quite popular among lovers of free things. You will get a regular update on free sticker offers. The site shares information on wedding free gifts, entertainment freebies, home samples, health examples, free food, free clothes and even more.
The website also includes a savings blog, competition and giveaway information, and promo codes from Amazon.

Seriously Free Stuff

e is quite popular among freebies lovers. It stocks information on free stickers as well as other activities. Along with free sticker info, the website stocks links to free health products, free food examples, free beauty examples, free home goods, plus they give information about available sweepstakes and give links to access them.

Free Stuff Times

ff Times is one of the leading sites by freebie lovers, and they also have several categories of the free sticker. You can even get useful info about hot offers, giveaways, contest, and coupons, including free food eBooks, and magazines.

Just Free Stuff

s with an attractive website that’s simple to use. All the freebie categories, like the category for free sticker placed on the left-hand side of the site, which makes it quite easier to find.

3000 Free Goodies

e will keep you in the know about free sticker offers. It’s simple to operate and has a whole lot of information in it for anybody who really likes getting free products.

Go Freebies

te free giveaway site, and it stocks a great deal of useful information. You need to take your time to search out free stickers on the website carefully. After which you will get excellent results of free sticker offers available.

How to get free sticke

How to get free stickers from Nike?Step By Step

ternational company that is popular for its shoes, apparels, gears, and accessories.Nike has one of the finest sneakers and got America’s No. 1 choice award. So, you can easily guess that how many Nike products fans are out there.

Most of them are fond of collecting Nike stickers and for some, it is even a hobby. They put these stickers on their gears and equipment to represent their love for their brand. They even pay to buy stickers from stores or online markets. But, If you are a Nike fan and love to collect stickers then this article is for you because we are going to tell you about how to get free Nike stickers without paying a single penny. Follow the procedure carefully to get them for free.

The first step is to get a stamped envelope. We recommend you to get a self-addressed, stamped envelope as it is addressed to yourself and its postage is already applied.

In the second step, you have to address the envelope to the Nike Headquarters with necessary postage attached. For example, you can put the address of their main headquarters i.e.Nike 6.0, 1 Bowerman Dr., Beaverton, OR, 97005.

Don’t forget to include a note requesting them to give you the stickers and letting them know that you will put them on your gear or equipment to show support to the brand. It is always a good idea to send them a joke, a poem or a piece of your art because by doing this you might increase the chance of getting stickers in more quantity.
They can even send you something else like their T-shirt, wristband, and more. Once you have done all the mentioned steps finally mail the request and then wait as it might take a couple of weeks or more for the stickers to arrive.

How do I get the iPhone st

How do I get the iPhone stickers?

ticker by visiting the Apple store or sites like https://www.etsy.com/market/iphone_sticker where you will get to purchase it at an affordable price.
Free stickers from companies can be obtained from the following:
Free stickers from southern companies:

Southern Tide: An American

Southern Tide: An American Apparel Company

rel company based in America founded in the year 2006.
• The stickers from southern tide companies are really good. A perfect sticker to be pasted on the laptop.
• Vey cute sticker, looking great in my daughter’s toy car.
Free Sticker Request
Keep a self-addressed stamped envelope inside another envelope which s addressed to the company – https://southerntide.com/pages/sticker-request

Free stickers from colleges

Free stickers from colleges

Public Liberal Arts College

Fort Lewis College is a Public Liberal arts college in Durango in Colorado. The college was established in the year 1911.


• It is a great sticker making the Alumni Pride.
• Good sticker for pasting on the bike and laptops and become a proud Alumni.

Free Sticker Request

The free sticker can be requested through the link www.fortlewis.edu/alumni/BenefitsServices/StickerRequest.aspx

Outdoor companies that send free sti

Outdoor companies that send free stickers

a.com">Patagonia: The outdoor clothing company – Patagonia Inc. which was originally named Chouinard Equipment, is a clothing company which is American based. It specializes in the marketing of the outdoor clothing.


• They have awesome and attractive fly fishing stickers. The stickers are really cool and attractive.
• They have many varieties of attractive stickers and I have collected almost all the types, which include, Sight Cast Fishing Stickers, The Venturing Angler Fly Fishing Stickers, Wandering Blue Lines, and also the latest sticker, SYF Cutthroat Design.

Free Sticker Request – The free sticker can be requested through the link, fill out the form and select the request box for the free stickers – https://www.patagonia.com/catalog-request/

There are limitations to the number of times, a sticker can be requested. One person can request only request sticker in 4 months time. Total of 2 stickers will be received which will be randomly chosen from a variety of designs.

Free stickers from skate companies

Free stickers from skate companies

erts in goods for Skating, Ski, Mountain biking
Dakine is pioneers in the backpacks, gloves, and accessories for the skating, Ski, mountain biking.


• The Dakine shop, awesome stickers with the class of the brand.
• They have the best collection of stickers

Receiving free stickers – For receiving the free stickers from Dakine, send a self-addressed stamped envelope in the address of the company.
Attn: Sticker Request
603 PortwayAve
Hood River, OR 97031

Free stickers from gun companies

Free stickers from gun companies1; At Ballistic 101.com, we get information on various types of guns.


• The stickers have a professional look. Good to stick on the car.
• The sticker owner will be the proud owner of the sticker for a great brand.

Accessing Free Stickers: Free stickers can be received by following the link – http://www.ballistics101.com/stickers.php

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