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how-to-become-a-freelance-writerIf you have the passion for writing and doesn’t want to put this talent aside, why don’t you try being a freelance writer during your free time? Being a freelance writer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stay online for a long time, there are times when you just pick a topic or get some jobs done and submit it either by the deadline set by your client or by the time you finish it. Also, there are freelancers who offer their services either for free or for a minimal fee. Practically speaking, you would not want to give someone an article or two that you made with a lot effort on researching and writing.

So, this is where finding a place where you can do your passion, which is writing, and get paid for it. All you have to do is to learn how you can actually turn into a freelance writer and where you can get clients or where you can join to get paid for the posts or articles you would write. You see, other may find this career move a bit risky since the amount you could earn may vary but it all depends on where you can get jobs and your client as well.

How to Be a Freelance Writer

Obviously, the first thing needed is for you to be a good writer. There are those who think that they are good writers but when the time of writing comes, they end committing a lot of mistakes starting from the grammar to the lack of originality. In writing, it is necessary that you can comfortably express what you are trying to say with clarity. You can take a writing workshop to hone your skills and be able to write properly. Taking a workshop and improving yourself will work easier for you if you will focus on why you are taking this freelancing career, for fun, a source of extra money, or doing it for a living.

There are a lot of other things that you should do like joining freelance writer communities and setting goals and being able to meet deadlines on time, but it is also necessary that you know what websites to join to get started with your freelance writing career. As you join a website, you can actually learn a lot of things from the community on that site or what words of encouragement the site editors would say for gaining confidence in writing.

Freelance Websites

There are a lot of freelance websites where you can actually claim different freelance writing jobs. Some of the popular sites are:

  • BloggingPro.com

You can find different writing jobs for different categories that allow you to pick the category that you are comfortable writing about and pick the jobs that you can finish on time. Most of the jobs offered here are about copywriting.

  • Morning Coffee Newsletter

Their various writing jobs offered on the site in all sizes and shapes. Pay rates are also competitive, which will encourage you to put much effort to make your finished job worth the pay.

You can try searching for more websites where you can get some freelance writing jobs. However, it is best that you get to know first those that are offering their job listings for free just like the ones mentioned and those that require monthly fees.

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