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So you want to get Free Twitter Followers Instantly? Let’s dive in.

Telco discovered that the highly qualified visitors to their website delivered the greatest value, but they were too few in number. But soon as they turned to Twitter to deliver their content to people who were interested in their technology, Telco immediately achieved higher cost efficiencies for conversion.

The simple lesson?

You need to be where your customers are!

That is going to be the power of your Twitter content.

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How to Automate Your Way to Twitter Success?

You have your core businesses to run. Your Twitter handle cannot consume all the time you need to run your business.

This is when you need to automate Twitter.

Hey, When Do I Tweet?

That perhaps is the first thing you need to find out in your automation journey. When you are posting your content, you need maximum engagement from your followers.

Best time to post on Social Media

How do you know that?

There are many Twitter Analytics tools to identify peak periods of engagement among your followers. Set up an account and use the Tool dashboard to find out the best times to post your Tweets.

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Can We Schedule?

Once you found out when to tweet, you can schedule your tweets.

You can choose one from the list below:



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But before you schedule, make sure that you have set the time zone right.

Now set up posting schedules and how many times you want to post contents to get the content out to your followers automatically. You might want to tinker around a bit with the scheduling before you find the optimum settings for you.

Once that is done, you are almost good to go!

In this video, you can learn: Using Coschedule to Schedule Social Media Posts

Fill Your Queue!

Now you need a Tool like Buffer that automates actions on Twitter platform. What this Tool essentially does is link your scheduling tool to Twitter and send your content out as Tweets in an endless loop once you choose Twitter as the trigger channel.

Buyffer Queue

You can select a trigger here, like a new tweet by you or any of the other options present in the tool, fitting to your needs.

You will then have to authorize your scheduling tool as the action channel to set up all your tweets in the queue to be sent out at the scheduled times.

To Get Free Twitter Followers Instantly Sound Great, isn’t it?

Well, all the automation matters only when you have followers on your Twitter account.

If you are on the prowl for followers, the best way, of course, is to grow your Twitter following organically, with great and relevant content. The value that organic followers will give you is nothing compared to the value you can get from targeting Free Instant Followers.

Pretty Big Challenge?

Organic growth can be a pretty big challenge!

Maybe a better strategy would be to have a blend of organic and inorganic growth to increase your Twitter popularity.

When you go for inorganic growth, you must know one thing.

There are many options out there, which will consume your money and give you nothing or close to nothing in return. Stay away from them!

You can check some places out to grow your free twitter followers instantly. Well, not instantly, but almost instantly. It will only take as much time as it takes for you to follow others.



Twiends offers you followers in exchange for seeds, and you can garner seeds by following other Twitter accounts. The seeds you get for following other accounts can be used for increasing your Twitter following.

Follow Mania


Follow Mania is another website that will suggest you Twitter accounts to follow and in return, you can have as many people following your Twitter Account.



This works like Twiends, only instead of seeds, you are awarded points here for following other Twitter accounts which you can use to get Twitter followers for yourself.

Instant growth, as long as you help others grow!

How to get your first 100 free twitter followers.

Step 1# Sing up for Crowdfire.


Step 2# Choose your competitors – you will start to follow their followers that have the same interests and they will follow you back.

Crowdfire Competitors Follow

Step 3# You can follow not more than 1000 people per day, so from my experience, you will get between 100 and 200 followers per day.

Can I get a 5000 free twitter followers with this system?

Of course, you can, just rinse and rapid and remember to unfollow those who are not following you back.

Here is the proof of this system and how if you dedicate 20 min. per day you can grow your Twitter followers.


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Bottom Line:

Hit the sweet spot with your Twitter growth strategy. If you get it right, you will certainly become a Twitter star.

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