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When you’ve decided on one, it’s time to search a page in Wikipedia that’s connected to such a topic. If the page you found needs editing, your chances are significantly higher.
Otherwise, if the page you chose is hugely rated, your chances decrease since the moderator will be much stricter to accept your linkback.

Be specific:

Be specific:ost useless to try to answer the question: how to get Wikipedia backlinks? by being too general. For example, if your article is about what to know before going to a specific holiday destination, it’s not a good idea to make your attempt to get a backlink by the Wikipedia page about holidays, instead of that, find a page in Wikipedia that is about your specific destination.
Hold a professional site: before continuing wondering how to get Wikipedia backlinks? make yourself the following questions about your website: is it professional enough?
Does it hold reliable content? Is it neat and clean? Wikipedia moderators will look at your site thoroughly and no mistake will be forgiven.


Hands-on!:he previous steps have been carefully revised, you can place your link. Doing is very simple and intuitive: first, you log in to the account you’ve created.
Then the page asks you to access the specific account where you want to place your link and there you click Edit. Once here, the only thing you’ve got to do is to type something that adds valuable information to the article and cite the link you’ve chosen directly from your site.
Now the moderation team will evaluate your proposal and give you an answer that, hopefully, will be a positive one.
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