Kindle Publishing: How To Build A Successful Self Publishing Business?

Kindle Publishing- How To Build A Successful Self-Publishing Business-

Kindle publishing as a business is demanding and competitive. You have to come up with best strategies if you want to succeed in building such a business. Consider the following steps before you take the first step.

    • Honesty-This is an important virtue required while thinking of setting up the business. It has to be something that you like doing and you are ready to be deeply involved. You cannot start this kind of business because of profits only. Online readers and retailers are your main contributors to your success.
    • Expertise-This is a field that requires being understood well before taking the first step. How to become an expert in a certain niche? Find out what is your passion and continue learning every day.
    • Audience-Your published material should have a target audience. Know what their preferences and their buying trends are.
    • Marketing-Know how to market your products online and your price offer. You have to have that personal aggressive approach to be able to push on marketing strategies
    • Learn something about ownership rights. This gives you more lucrative avenues other than the publishing itself
    • Use the social media platforms wisely and smartly
    • Think long term. It is not possible to build a brand within a short period of time. It takes time and dedication.
    • Lastly, think about the niche line. We here in this review going to review the Kindle publishing

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Kindle publishing is a new kind of books production business that presents secrecy in the kind of profits that can be generated from the business. The largest Kindle publishing sites like Amazon has kept this issue close to their hearts. What we can glean from the book market is subject to some speculation.

The kind of language the Amazon site uses tries to avoid as much as possible on the failure or success of the business to get profits. But again we take their cue that millions of copies of Kindle books have been sold in one-quarter of the year. Though the information seems not to help, you can then make your own analysis knowing that these eBooks are not downloaded for free. Your guess is as good as mine that huge profits are being netted out of this books niche.

One report from Amazon indicated that after making sales in the millions of 3rd generation eBooks covering the pearl e-Link label display in the first quarter of this year, the sale of these books has overtaken sales on books which are paperback. This tells us a lot about the books profitability.


Choosing a title of your Kindle book is not easy and various considerations will have to be made such as:

  • When choosing your title start by making a promise, identify a certain need, make it intriguing and try to explain in brief what the content is
  • Think about the cliché you are offering the book too. What you should know is that there always an idea for the book title for the cliché that started it.
  • The title is the domain name. People will start brainstorming what is included in the content by reading the title. The title, therefore, serves many purposes such as marketing, advertising and portraying the book brand. In the online, the title will also serve as a keyword of the whole content and will be used to do the search.
  • Though titles can make people be interested in the book, they do not offer a prediction for the book sale
  • Many of the book titles are not chosen by the writer, but by a select editorial committee


Selling a kindle book online as this is where it is based has its own secrets and procedures. In this review, we will cover some such as;

  • The first step you should take to make successful sales is to first set your mind on 360 degrees turn towards writing. That means you have to love your job and make it a specialty. You have to have that irreversible urge to try out new methods and technologies. That way you will come with something good and saleable.
  • Decide whether to do your own Kindle publishing or use KDP select. They will both connect you with the huge number of Kindle owners. Users will then use kindle related applications on their devices to access.
  • KDP requires that you offer the eBook for a free run of five days or offer a seven-day discount. This is done towards promoting the book. At the same time, you can use the KDP lending library for promotion
  • Make a good cover and title design
  • Convert the book manuscript to mobi as an easy uploading format
  • Do the final publishing and give a price on Amazon
  • Do the promotion and track the metrics


The description makes an important element of your product range.

  • The maximum characters allowed by Amazon for description is 4000 characters.
  • The first step is your title
  • Make the grammar correct and do not copy others work
  • Make a distinction between fiction and nonfiction
  • Make sure the keywords come out very clearly as will be used for searching
  • Let the user knows the benefits
  • Mention the qualifications you have
  • If the book becomes a bestseller, let it come out clearly in the description
  • Ask for review from the reader


If you are an expert and you want to write the book be your self you can do it but it is very time-consuming and if you want to be successful you need to focus on Marketing and Publishing a lot of books. So you can find a great writer from the following sites:


Thewriting summit




The book cover is one of the most important things that you need to do it right if you want to have success with your book.

If you want to do it by your self you can use Canva.

Kindle cover

They have a lot of premade covers:

Premade kindle covers

It very easy to use Canva for your book covers but if you want to be sure that you will get the best cover that stands out from the competition you can go to Fiverr for only 5 USD.

Just search for Kindle Cover or Ebook cover and you will find a lot of gigs that you can choose from. The best gigs are those with a lot of orders and have the best reviews as the following one:

Fiverr Kindle cover

Tip: 80 % of the revenue is coming from selling paperback books and the difference(upfront investment) is only a paperback cover around 5 USD and formatting which cost around 5 USD as well on Fiverr.



Trying to get reviews can sometimes be tricky. But with the right push and following below steps you will be able to get your first batch of reviews

  • You have to work hard and check for books similar to yours. It will tell you who read and who bought
  • Browse for reviewers who reviewed such like books and who would want to review yours
  • Try then to connect to the right reviews who have read similar books. Invite the reviews in your own words and using your personal contact
  • Include in your message the following-introduction, reason for reaching them, request for honest review
  • Make the request interesting and brief and send it out
  • Send the request in 3 formats i.e. EPUB, PDF, and MOBI. Give them about two weeks to reply


The success of the first book will give you the required spark to propel ahead. But the second book is important in that you are doing it with a bit of experience.

Just like the first one, the second one will have some available prompts that make you get the base idea. You will be able to get the settings and the characters. After successfully writing this book you will then be on your way to expansion.

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Kindle publishing business although new has a lot of potential for now and the future. The reading styles have drastically changed with the introduction of the internet and the electronic written books. Almost everyone is turning to the internet and that’s where the future lies. A publishing business for eBooks is a sound business.If you want to succeed with Kindle publishing you need to focus your job on finding a profitable niche, outsourcing and marketing the books and don’t waste your time to write them.

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