Creating a Money-Making Online Course

creating-an-online-courseOne of the popular ways of creating a new source of passive income is through creating online courses. Yes, the idea may seem like it requires you a lot of time, effort, and patience especially in searching for a topic that would gain a lot of interest. It is also necessary that you pick a topic that you are completely knowledgeable about or something that you are trained of doing. At times, making an online course based on something you are good at allows you to make study materials either written, audio or video easier.

There are a lot of different ideas that you can use when it comes to creating your first course. However, it is best that you focus on something that you are completely aware of. There are times when people who offer their first online course for free and the succeeding ones with a certain fee. This technique is effective for a lot of people especially for those who gained the attention of many and have shared valuable knowledge through their course.

At first, the entire process may seem overwhelming since you have to create another course that will also contain valuable things like the first one you created. However, with continuous release of courses and learning the right ways of creating helpful contents, you will realize that everything will start getting more organized. In addition to these things, you will learn how you can actually sell your materials. This process will also improve as you continuously create online courses and offer it to your target audience.

Picking a Topic to Use for Your Online Course

There are a lot of different ideas that you can use for your first online course. Picking one may seem a bit challenging especially with the wide range of options or niches that you can find online. At times, the huge competition may seem a bit intimidating on your part as a newbie. However, as what experts would say, competition is good for a topic that you want to tackle. It means that there are a lot of people who have the same idea as you, but you can exceed whatever your competitors achieved basically by offering a higher quality content.

There are different ideas on what topic to choose for your online course, but keep in mind that the reason why people should get your course is because they want a solution for their problem. Some topics you can focus on are:

  • Health related topics like losing weight in a healthy way or keeping up a healthy diet for a certain health condition.
  • Using any software people find complicated to use. Create a content that provides concise and comprehensive instructions and some explanation on particular functions or features.
  • DIY steps. This topic is very popular especially to those who like building or putting together things on their own.

Simplify the process by picking a problem and eliminate it with the online course you are offering. With the right marketing techniques, you can eventually make this a source of your passive income. In case creating an online course is a bit difficult on your part, you can always use any software that can aid you in the process.

Top 3 Best Platforms To Publish and Sell Your Online Courses

Creating Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are now considered an important aspect of every business as it allows their customers to access the online platform of any business whenever and wherever they want. With a touch of a finger, any customer can make a purchase or get updated with the deals from the site. This makes creating mobile apps a lucrative source of money nowadays. You might not even believe it but there are people who are able to send newly created and interactive mobile apps to businesses even without the technical know-how of creating a mobile app from scratch.

If you have a background in creating any software or dealing with coding, making an app may somehow be an easy thing for you. However, if you don’t, there are software options online and various sites that can help you in creating one. Though there are a lot of business owners who are taking advantage of these alternatives, there are still those who choose to hire others to create the app for them. This is where you can enter and be the person they are looking for in creating an app for their business.

On the other hand, if you are one of those business owners who want to extend your reach to your customers, then a mobile app is what you need. You see, you can make it as another source of income for your business since you can still accept purchases made through the mobile app. Say, you don’t have a background in creating a mobile app. You can always try to outsource the help of experts in this line. It doesn’t matter how far your location is from the mobile app maker as you everything can be done online now.

Where to Outsource the  creation of the App

There are a lot of people who are unaware of where they can actually outsource the help of those who can create making apps. Well, as mentioned, you can try looking online and pick a site where you can create your own app. However, if you don’t want to put too much effort in this part, you can always ask for the services of other people who can do the app for you. All that you have to do is to wait for the finished app to be delivered to you and send any requests to the makers for changes that you want to make. The price is usually offered at an affordable price depending on the app design that you want.The price usually varies from 20 to 30 USD per hour. Here is one of the best online app developers:




How to Outsource Them

You can easily outsource the help of mobile app makers through various sites where freelancers are offering their services. Finding a reliable person to do this may seem difficult, but there are always those that have established their reputation online and getting their services is something that you will not regret. All you have to do is to make a thorough research and give your requirements to the person and expect the turnaround of the finished product at a certain date.

Mobile apps are bridging the gap between businesses and customers in making purchases and staying connected. There is no doubt why there are many who find creating mobile apps a great source of income.

Ecommerce: How to Build a Profitable “eCom” Store?

Ecommerce- How to Build a Profitable -eCom- Store-

The advancements in technology have brought new heights to how people live their daily lives. This is also the same with how businesses are running nowadays. Instead of putting up a physical store and going through a lot of struggles to establish a business, more people nowadays are into “eCom”. It has changed how businesses operate nowadays and have provided customers with a lot of advantages in terms of conveniently purchasing goods and services.

Why should you choose to build an eCommerce store?

The graph below show you the E-commerce Growth for the last years:


Source: Statista


As per Statista, Global e-commerce retail sales are expected to grow from $752 billion in 2014 to $1.35 trillion in 2018.

What Is Ecom?

E-commerce or sometimes e-commerce is the trading of products and services online. This kind of business is associated with transaction processes where data collection and exchange of products and services can be done online. An online business can start with the use of a desktop, laptop or even their mobile phones. The business owner can create a site where he or she can offer all of his products and services there and make transactions right on the site or through the use of email. Other means can also be done like an exchange of social media account messaging or exchanging personal message by phone or text messages, depending on the location.

E-commerce business would usually employ or a few of the following:

  • Participation in online marketplaces
  • Creating an online shopping site
  • B2B or businesses to business where buying and selling are done
  • Collection and usage of demographic data via social media and web contacts
  • Electronic data interchange with business to business
  • Financial exchanges online for trading and currency exchanging purposes

These are just some of the things where e-commerce business is applicable or associated with. You get to choose where you can actually make money based on your interest or what you think is most suitable for you.

Top 5 Ecommerce Platforms

If not hundreds, there are maybe thousands of online stores that are being put up on a daily basis. Creating eCom platforms is arguably among the best decisions anyone could make when launching their first business. However, regardless of how fast and easy the entire process may seem, it is necessary that you will pay attention to choosing the right platform to leverage.

Pushing your luck with eCommerce is a good thing if you can pick the right platform where you can start. Some of the best platforms where you can start are:

        • Shopify


The top eCommerce platform in the list that you can rely on is Shopify. There are templates available that can make customizing your online store easier. However, the platform is considered as a hosted solution and planning to self-host in the future may seem impossible. However, the platform has a great customer support and easy customization options for every beginner. Pricing on plans range from around $10 to almost $180 each month.

WOOcommerce Features:

  • Multy Channel commerce
  • 100 + ecommerce templates
  • All in one planes
  • Price: 29,95 USD


        • WooCommerce


This is the plugin that you can use to get all the advantage of having a WordPress platform. Though it is offered for free there are fees associated when it is completely integrated as your shopping cart. It is also customizable and has a secured payment gateway for you.
You might want to search for more e-commerce platforms like the ones mentioned above to get more options for your online business.

WOOcommerce Features:

  • Supports unlimited products
  • Mobile friendly
  • Price: FREE



BIGcommerce Features:

  • One-click installs
  • Many payment technologies
  • Cost-saving tools
  • Price: From 29,95 USD



WIX Features:

  • Fully customizable
  • Feature-rich platform
  • No tech skills required
  • Price: Free




Volusion Features:

  • Powerful inventory tools
  • Very good hosting security
  • 50+ Payment Gateways
  • Price: 15 USD

Acton Plan: Choose one of this platforms and just DO it:) If you want a completely free platform you can use WordPress and Woocommerce but you need more time for setting up.

TIP: I am using Shopify.com + Oberlo.com + Aliexpress.com and this cost me around 50 USD per mount but it is 100 % automated.

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