What is Content Marketing: How to make it profitable?

What is Content Marketing- How to make it profitable- (1)
What is Content Marketing?

It is a method of marketing by disseminating content that has marketing value and prompts an action to meet the marketing goals without overtly promoting the brand. The value derived from the content can be measured through various analytics tools.

How to make a Content Marketing Plan?

Planning is an important step to achieving your marketing goals. Here is a simplified 7-Step approach to creating a good Content Marketing Plan:

1. Goal setting

A journey without a goal will not give you the results you want. Decide a goal for your plan.

2. Research the target audience

Find out who your target audience is, where they like to spend their time online, what is it that they follow online, etc. Basically, you try to create a profile of your target audience based on their online behavior.

3. Where to start for content?

Do you already have some content or are you just starting off? You can create new eBooks or guides with existing content pieces. To start anew, many people take the blog posting route.

4. Managing the content

What is content marketing output going to be if the content is not found at the right place at the right time? For the content marketing to be profitable, you need a long-term plan to monetize and manage content. Get your content management workflow in place with free online.

5. The actual content

Now, it’s time to chart out what content pieces you will need to get written. You can create how it works pages, infographics, list articles, Tips & Tricks, guidebooks, etc. Content for social media posts will also be needed.

6. Release the content

For giving a structure to your content marketing, you have to create a content calendar or editorial calendar. There are several excel templates available online as well as free/paid software to create your content calendar.

7. Measure the content

Find ways to measure the performance of each piece of content. Accordingly, plan your future content pieces by gauging the audience response through analytics and other content performance measurement tools.

How to find what to write?

Click-bait strategies are used by marketers to find topics that have high chances of getting clicked by online users.

Just search online or post it as a question on Quora to get enough ideas for your content pieces.From blog title generators to ideas generators for content pieces can be automatically found online. Make sure you do not flick someone’s idea and attract plagiarism-related issues.

How to write fast?

What is content marketing without quick content? If you are a new writer, below are some of the tricks to writing faster:

· Use an existing writing template for frequently used content pieces such as list items, reviews, etc.

· Use your own writing template for each content format

· Follow the topics in the content calendar for quick thoughts

· Rewrite and restructure a set of similar articles with valuable information

· Create an article outline as most writers do to plan the article

5 Steps to writing Easily Shared Content

Step – 1 The title

Attention-grabbing titles are liked and shared more than uninteresting ones.

Step – 2 Introduction

Most writing resources will tell you that if you succeed in hooking the audience to the first para of your article, they will want to read further.

Step – 3 Visual content

People get attracted to visual content such as videos, memes, animation etc. that are entertaining and worth sharing.

Step – 4 Valuable content

If the content is useful and gives out information that can be consumed by the user in their lives, then it holds some value. “How to boost your child’s confidence?” can be a valuable article link that parents will love to share.

Step – 5 Call to action

What is content marketing without any results? There should be an action sentence or link for your audience to react to your post or article.

Where can I promote my content?

To amplify the content that has been written, what better way than releasing it on social media.

· FB – Facebook posts are easily shareable. They can be linked to generate a conversation on your website using the FB login credentials of your audience.

· Twitter – Tag influencers, create/utilize interesting hashtags to promote your content among the Tweeples in your target audience.

· LinkedIn – For B2B content and more serious audience, you can utilize the LinkedIn Pulse platform to promote engaging articles.

How to Repurposing My Content?

When you learn, “What is content marketing?”, you need to understand repurposing of content as well. Repurposing utilizes existing content by expanding it to longer formats or shortening it to small formats. For example, the tips in an article can be used to make a PDF guide book or a series of posts on Twitter.

Perform content audits on a regular basis to locate content that is used for repurposing. This exercise helps to save time and money while you can focus on earning through the various monetization strategies.

6 Ways to Repurpose Your Content

  1. Webinars – Youtube Video Tutorials – Don’t let that great webinar go to waste. You can repurpose that webinar as a YouTube video, ensuring that your great content lives forever. Not only will that asset be great on your website, but you may drive new visitors to your site via YouTube!


  1. Blog Post – Podcast –  Listening to podcasts is the best – it’s an easy way to make that limbo in-between time more productive. Does the idea of starting a podcast sound daunting?

PodcastYou can hire a melodious tongue for a farthing or two at Fiverr! Fiverr is a weird place. You’ll never find a more wretched hive of spam and naivety. But there are some real gems, and voice over talent is one of those categories.


  1. Visual Content – Pinterest Board – Do you have some blog posts that are especially image heavy? Make the most of your picture posts by repurposing those images on Pinterest.

Pinterest Bords

  1. Quora Q&A – Blog Post The best way to use Quora? Find a question that sounds promising (ideally one with several upvotes, write a blog post detailing an answer, and then answer the question on Quora while including a link to your more in-depth blog post answer.You’ll get traffic from those wanting a thorough answer, plus you’re establishing yourself as a leader.


  1. Slideshow – Infographic – They really are stunning! In fact, we have another way you can repurpose those class act elements – turn them into infographics! They’re sexy, they’re informative, they’re easy to read. Infographics can be huge undertakings, requiring extensive research and design.


  1. PowerPoint Presentation –> Slidedeck – You can create a PowerPoint presentation from your posts. The beautiful charts! The glorious graphs! Those great PowerPoint presentations can be repurposed into slide decks with the help of SlideShare.


Do you have any other methods of repurposing content? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments!

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