What is Google Adsense? How Much Money Can You Make Per 1000 Visitors?


What is Google Adsense and how much money can you make.

The best performing blogs in terms of Adsense revenue generate an average of
$5,000 per month.
Google AdSense is Google’s flagship advertisement program based on a CPC
(cost-per-click) model of advertisement. It displays ads on sites which
use HTML configurations to enable the display of ads alongside
relevant contents of the site.

It is the simplest business model for
webmasters and bloggers looking to earn money from their sites.

The Google AdSense program comes in a number of
versions geared for different kinds of contents including:

AdSense for websites, in which Google pays site owners for ads displayed on their
sites; In this video, you can learn: How To Setup Google Adsense From Start To Finish.

AdSense for Video; in which Google pays to display ads alongside
video contents; In this video, you can learn: How to Make Money with YouTube Monetization and Adsense

AdSense for feeds, in which Google pays to display
ads alongside feeds.

How Does It Work?

In this Google ad program, publishers (bloggers and webmasters) are given
free entry, as long as they pass the verification process.

When a publisher gets accepted into the program, they’re directed to install an
HTML ad code on their site. This code allows Adsense robots to parse
their sites in order to categorize the contents of the site.

These  robots then place related ads listed in their inventory on pages of the
sites. It a win-win for everyone: the publishers get paid, the
readership are presented with more valuable inputs on the site inform
of ads and when they buy into it, the advertisers and Google make

On the advertiser’s end, the program is initiated when the
advertisers set up a Google AdWords account with their chosen keyword
included in their submission.

Then the AdSense admin dispatches robots
to parse sites registered on the program to find pages related to the
advertiser’s keywords.

When these robots make matches, the set up the
advertiser’s ads on the relevant pages of the designated sites.

How Much Can You Make From Adsense Per 1000 Visitors?

The conception of this question is encapsulated in the term Cost Per
Thousand (CPM — the ‘M’ is the Roman numeral for 1,000).This refers to
the amount paid to a publisher for every 1,000 ad impressions displayed
on the publisher’s web pages.

A $4 CPM figure implies the publisher is
paid $4 for every 1,000 ad impressions displayed on the publisher’s

So if, for instance, a website draws out 4 page views from every
visitor and each page has 3 ad unit displayed in it, and the publisher’s CPM is
$0.5, then the site, therefore, generates a total of $6 for every 1000
Since AdSense does not pay flat CPM rates,
revenues are calculated based on multiple variables.

For starters, the auction process on the advertiser’s end of the program are the primary
determinants of publisher’s CPM. This, in turn, is determined by:–
Click Through Rates (CTR): AdSense bids are primarily based on clicks,
so the CTR of ads displayed on a site is of critical importance to the
site’s AdSense performance.

A good CTR assures advertisers of the site’s
readership’s responsiveness to adverts.
— The Size of
The Ads: Advertisers have a very keen in this variable, as it has been
proved to greatly impact the CTR of ads. While text ads are renown for
their subtle attractiveness, large-sized displays are also known to
produce favorable results.
– The Niche: This is another
variable that impacts the bid prices. Some niches attract more money
than others, thus advertisers will bid for higher prices in such niches.
For instance, you really can’t expect advertisers to bid for
impressions in kids toys niche at the same price-range which the tech
niche attracts.
— Geography: Also in line with
the bid to go where the money is, advertisers will pay more for
impressions on sites whose visitors are mainly from countries which
generate the highest amount of sales in a particular niche.

Generally speaking, these are classified as “Tier One” countries, and they
normally include USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

In summary, to estimate the value of 1000 visitors with respect to
AdSense, you need to have precise figures for the following variables:

— The CPM figure;
— The number of ad unit impression per page;– The average number of page views per visitor;

— The CPM.The final figure for the revenue generated from 1000 visitors is obtained
from the formula:

Page view per visit * ad units per page * CPM

You can learn more from the following video:

When will You get paid?


Google Adsense is a program which helps publishers to convert clicks and page
views from visitors into income streams. But the revenues generated from
AdSense depends on a number of variables, the most crucial of them
being the publisher’s CPM. the CTR of ads displayed on your site, the
site’s niche, and the number of visitors from tier one countries.


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