WordPress SEO: “How to set up and optimized your blog post”

Wordpress SEO For Bloggers- -How to set up and optimized your blog post-

How to optimize your blog post with WordPress SEO?

Blogs have become quite trending these days for putting up your ideas, your passion and important news and information to the world. The best part about a blog is that is absolutely free and if your ideas become famous and you have a lot of views almost every day then you can even earn from your passion by posting ads on your blog by applying for AdSense or using Affiliate products to monetize your blog.

Many websites which provide blogging services are Blogger.com, WordPress.com and many others. While many know about simple things like how to create a blog, earning from a blog and many others but many don’t know about blog optimization. One question that you might ask is what is SEO? Search Engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a blog or a website’s unpaid search engine search result. As an internet marketing strategy, it defines how the search results are shown when the user types a set of keywords. Blogs can be made SEO optimized but it the process is quite difficult.

To make your blog rank higher in the search engine results you need SEO. Now that you want SEO optimization for tour WordPress blog then there are a set of steps you need to follow. There are tactics that can be used for SEO optimization.

1. Until you are working on your blog structure and content till then you can use the “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” and once you are ready to launch your blog then you can change the setting to enable SEO on your blog.

2. By default WordPress blogs use permalinks for posts since this is not search engine friendly you must change your to structure to text-based permanent structures as this is search engine friendly structure and supports SEO.


3. Installing a .XML sitemap plugin is very helpful for your blog as it helps to provide links to your pages on your blog to all the search engines which helps in SEO.

4. You must use a caching speed plugin as it offers many two main features number one it increases the speed of your blog and number two it decreases the load on your web server.

5. A better option would be to use a CDN to boost up the website’s performance. It caches up the static content like text and JavaScript and spreads it on its wide server and then it serves it to your users through the servers which are closest to the users. This plugin speeds up the things and now your static data can reach out to your viewers in seconds, this has made this service very popular in the world.

6. Using WordPress SEO plugin is one of the most preferred methods for SEO optimization. Yoast SEO is the best wordpress SEO plugin. Formally known as WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast it is an SEO plugin which is the most complete SEO package that exists for WordPress users.

Yost SEO

Various features include are snippet editor, real time page analysis function which helps to optimize text, pictures, audio and other media on your blog. There are a thousand of other optimization options which would help in making your blog perfectly optimized.

Various features of Yoast SEO are XML sitemaps, RSS enhancements, robot meta description, permalink clean and much more. Yoast premium has some other advanced option included which would provide more complex options for your website to create perfect optimization.



In this modern world of technology, it is very important that original ideas are spread throughout the world so that more and more people can read and appreciate them. Blog have become trending in this area because of many reasons like its free services, SEO plugins, chance to earn money from the web and much more.

For many writing is a passion more than a business so blogs are a perfect platform that enables them to showcase their writing talents and with the security that they are the owners of their creations and no one else can steal their ideas. SEO is quite an important step as it increases the number of your viewers and followers one of the best features is that it is manual so that you can control everything according to your requirement which has made blogging more fun than ever.

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